A potent new video: “Stand Up for Religious Freedom”

From Blackstone Films comes this must-see message: the official Stand Up for Religious Freedom promotional video. Watch it and pass it on.

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  1. deacon john m. bresnahan says:

    A great video–and truthful.
    But a number of sad points. Many Catholics have been brainwashed to believe that if politicians or other government officials–like judges–involve themselves in an issue and proclaim it solely political, these Catholics tend to go along and virtually tell Catholic clergy and Church leaders and organizations to shut up. They then justify themselves by pointing to a totally erroneous and radical interpretation of Church-State separation that is promoted heavily in the media which turns the government into a virtual moral dictator without any real opposition to its orders and dictates no matter how evil or immoral by traditional standards.
    Also, most polls show Evangelical Protestants far more protective of the First Amendment and religious rights even while it is primarily Catholic institutions and entities that are the prime target for Obamacare bigotry. Maybe that is a major reason the mass media works so hard to constantly ridicule and deride Evangelicals.
    And, finally, there was no serious problem with government–Church coexistence in medicine and education until Obamacare came along and the Obama Administration used it as an attack weapon against the Church and her life moral values (on behalf of its Planned Parenthood abortion promoting base). The attack was of the State against the Church and the media in many respects has successfully smeared the Church making her look like the attacking party when, in reality, it has been the Church merely trying to defend herself and her values.

  2. The content and music was excellent. Frankly, the voice-over was weak. This hurts the production a bit. I only mention it because the content is worthy of the improvement!

  3. virtualmentor.ama-assn.org/2012/02/pfor1-1202.html

    The above link from the American Medical Association clarifies numerous points.
    The main one that jumps out at me is that the requirement for contraceptive services in plans that otherwise provide Rx coverage has existed for more than a decade in 28 states, with none of this hoopla from the Catholic Bishops. Among these states are California and New York. Somehow, the many Catholic institutions in these 28 states have been living with this this for years.
    The Catholic Church institutionally, through the Bishops, has not participated in the national health care debate in a constructive manner. This is why so many major, credible Catholic groups have taken the opposite position. The hospitals that this ad claims to be protecting are already providing contraception in at least the 28 states on a statewide basis, and in numerous other instances, Catholic institutions have privately agreed to this with labor groups or from litigation.
    The disgraced Cardinal Justin Rigali (read the newspaper accounts of the criminal case currently in Philadelphia involving Msgr Lynn) headed the USCCB committee tasked with influencing the health care debate. Not much constructive was offered, and these many organizations chose the path of moral and social justice, respecting the human dignity of all by increasing the availability of health care, for tens of millions of more Americans. I believe that the USCCB is diverting attention of the faithful from our own terrible hierarchical mismanagement and leadership, by delving ever more deeply into the secular political realm.

  4. I am certainly opposed to forcing Catholic (or any other) institutions to provide coverage for the contraceptive pill, sterilisation, abortion et al. Yet, this video made me want to vomit. It runs more like a Republican campaign ad than a statement for religious freedom. As for the music…

  5. deacon john m. bresnahan says:

    As one whose family has been extremely active in Democratic Party politics and held positions of leadership in the Party locally (until “kicked out” of the party)–it is the Dem Party’s almost unanimous turning it’s back on a bill to protect the right of conscience that should make any Catholic (or Evangelical) vomit.
    The only way to participate in American politics is to pay attention to what the two major political parties are doing and praise or damn one or the other according to one’s own morals and ethics.

  6. Come this November, we need to make a statement. May that statement be overwhelming.

  7. midwestlady says:

    Amen, Manny.

  8. It is time for all people who consider themselves to be followers of Christ to follow the teachings of Christ to the letter and stand up for religious freedom. Apathy only widens the opening for government interference. Learn from history.


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