Must-watch video of the day — UPDATED

This popped up over the weekend and is making the rounds of the interwebs.  Take a couple minutes and watch — and then send it around. It comes from Americans United for Life.

UPDATE: Link has been fixed. It should play now.

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  1. deacon john says:

    This is the clearest, most convincing thing I have seen on the whole HHS debate.
    This should be posted EVERYWHERE

  2. Shared! Yet I wonder how many of my friends are still subscribed to my Facebook posts. The voice of one shouting in the interwebby wilderness.

  3. While I agree that Religious Freedom is the key issue here, the Catholic Church has always championed “women’s health care” through natural birth control, either by abstinence or “Natural Family Planning”.

    Which is healthier for women? Taking artificial drugs that have potentially life threatening negative health consequences or using natural means that are just as effective, without any negative side effects?

    Why do we allow others to dishonestly frame the argument for the government mandating insurance coverage of “artificial birth control & abortion inducing drugs” as “women’s rights” or “women’s health care?”

  4. The government can have my conscience when they pry my 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal from my cold, dead hands :-)

  5. I don’t know how to market a bumper sticker, but the one I’ve been considering would say this: “It’s not about Contraception– It’s about the Constitution!” Or maybe “Get your Contraception off my Constitution!”

    As I heard one of the bishops point out, where does the President get off saying that he will “accommodate” the position of believers? Last I checked, HIS powers were granted by the Constitution, and on loan to him by the citizens of the United States. It is one screwed-up mentality that formulates a response of this sort, which seems to say that he will, in his graciousness and wisdom, deign to acknowledge the conscience of his subjects. Can we have our country back? (And that goes for most of the Republicans, as well…)

  6. When will the women finally realize that taking birth control pills early in life, increases their chances of getting breast cancer 50-fold. Hormone levels have everything to do this dreaded disease.

  7. anthony mangini says:

    passing the message around to catholics will not help the message should be shown on tv and sponsored by the USCCB

  8. Rebecca A. says:

    Steve P!

    ‘Get Your Contraception Off My Constitution!’ is a wonderful phrase for a bumper sticker! I’ll take 10 (at least). You should really go to CafePress and set those up.

  9. NY Newsday states in one their pieces-”The White House says that nearly 99% of women have used contraceptives” Who gave the White House the authority to tell us what holiness is? For it’s the Church’s Christ given mandate to call us to holiness.

  10. Car magnet with “Get your Contraception off my Constitution” at CafePress:

  11. deacon john m. bresnahan says:

    Excellent video. It’s time to take on the liberal mass media’s and Obama’s lies, deceit, and hypocrisy.
    And when is Obama going to return the million dollars he got from Bill Maher whose favorite word for women he doen’t like is “c….” Do I hear a Gtrand Silence from the hypocritical media that is busy ripping Limbaugh apart for doing less???? Limbaugh actually used words that are in a regular dictionary –like pop rappers use the word “b—” for women all the time to liberal approval as being wonderfully authentic language. It took Obama fan Maher to dig to a lower than sewer level.

  12. Any movement that celebrates Rush Libaugh as a folk hero, or even tries to excuse his behavior in this, has zero moral authority to speak about “the dignity of the human person” or any other issue. Go ahead, hitch the pro-life wagon to this guttersnipe and see where he takes you. The Planned Parenthood folks are chortling with glee. Limbaugh gave them a better gift than if he had signed over his entire personal net worth to them.

  13. Really nice! Like many, though, I worry that by framing this issue as one of religious liberty, we’ll lose. After all, religious liberty does not trump what the public square has considered a non-negotiable good, nor does religious liberty make it possible to perpetuate a practice that the public square sees as a violation of human rights. A family cannot defend, say, the practice of female circumcision on the grounds of religious liberty. The HHS wants to mandate contraception coverage because they see it as a good that, when denied, amounts to abuse, and a violation of human rights. Thus, to frame this around religious liberty will do little to help our cause. All the opposition will hear is, “we Catholics feel we can violate human rights in the name of religious liberty.”

    So, whereas the video says it is NOT about birth control per se, I’d say it damn well is, and that it has little or nothing to do with the first amendment.

    Sorry to poo poo a nicely made video! I feel like Debbie Downer from Saturday Night Live…

  14. deacon john m. bresnahan says:

    But I gather Bill Maher is your hero. Where was the outcry from the Democrats and the left when Maher–of a fouler mouth toward women than Limbaugh–gave a million dollars to Obama.
    At least Limbaugh apologized. Have you heard of an apology from Maher?? An apology from Obama for accepting Maher’s dirty money?? An offer to return the dirty money???
    It won’t happen, I am quite sure. But, please, put it on a reply here if you hear of any of those questions being answered

  15. Ok Clint. I liked that.

  16. Wait wait, I mean Charlton! Easy to confuse those two.

  17. I have damn few heroes among humanity, and Bill Maher isn’t even on the reserve list of them. If he said something on the same order as Limbaugh, then it should reflect on him accordingly.

  18. Thank you. The video’s logic and frankness are compelling.

    It contains a regrettably awkward error, however, that has Thomas Jefferson writing poor English. It deflects attention from the message to the author, and the messsage is too important for that. The Jefferson quote should read: “…dearer to man than that which..,” not the “…dearer to man that which…” Even the narrator makes the mistake.

    I willl not be the only one to notice it.

  19. “This video is private”

  20. Lighthouse says:

    Video is private on youtube. Find it here:

  21. Ben Joseph says:

    I can’t download the video from Americans United for Life. It automacally says the video is private. How can I see this video? Is there some kind of code? Please help…

  22. hi… this post Must-watch video of the day — UPDATED was a good read.. really inspire me :).


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