“We Have A Pope”

This looks like something people will either love or hate — but, I admit: the trailer made me smile.

From a description of the film:

In his latest comedy, We Have a Pope (aka Habemus Papam), Palme d’Or-winner Nanni Moretti (Aprile, The Son’s Room, The Caiman) joins forces with the great French actor Michel Piccoli to tell the story of Melville, a cardinal who suddenly finds himself elected as the next Pope. Never before in the spotlight and completely caught off guard, he panics as he’s presented to the faithful in St. Peter’s Square. To prevent a worldwide crisis, the Vatican calls in an unlikely psychiatrist who is neither religious or all that committed, played by Moretti, to find out what is wrong with the new Pope and come to a solution. It first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Sundance Select will open in limited theaters April 6th, plus VOD on April 11th.

It remains to be seen how the papacy and the Church come off in all this.  Check out the official trailer, below:

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  1. It looks pretty funny, and seems to be the inverse take on the JPII election. I’ll have to see the movie.

  2. Thanks, Deacon, for sharing the trailer. Agree that it seems charming and promising :-)

  3. The line ‘ a billion people are waiting for you’ is brings a smile but is is also true.
    Hope the movie is as good as the trailer….( I know its like judging a book by its cover….)

  4. Judging from the trailer, I have your diagnosis right here:

    “The Vatican’s too uptight. They are basically good guys, but stifled by the suffocating rules. If only the Catholic Church would lighten up and get with the times things would be so much better.”

    Haven’t we seen this movie already?

  5. Deacon Greg Kandra says:

    There’s a thoughtful review here. Check Google and you’ll find other responses from last year’s screenings; most weren’t that impressed by it.

    Excerpt from the Thinking Faith review:

    “We Have A Pope” is sympathetic and in many ways spectacular. The sets are awesome: it really is difficult to spot where the real Vatican ends and the studios begin! Moretti is a self-confessed atheist, which makes the warmth with which he regards the papacy quite amazing. It is not hard to imagine a Catholic writer or director doing something similar with much less sympathy and verve. Is it a great film? No, it is not. But it is a very kind film, an interesting film – indeed, a powerful film. And Michel Piccoli’s portrayal of a man wracked by doubts and fears and questions will strike a chord with many of us – whether we are being elected to high office or not. The film is ultimately about our humanity.

    Dcn. G.

  6. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Yeah, it looks like the point is, “How can anyone [the Pope, a film director, or an individual person] manage to stand up to his ordinary responsibilities every day, without getting paralyzed with fear or stage fright? And if you don’t try to do them, how can you not lose yourself?”

    It sounds reminiscent of the story of the otherwise saintly Pope Celestine V, who abdicated and ran off, except that apparently he doesn’t go quite so far.

  7. I’m reminded of the 1985 film Saving Grace (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saving_Grace_(1985_film)), staring Tom Conti.

  8. When authentic Catholic teaching is presented in a favorable setting coming out of Sundance will be a day the Obama announces the era of big socialist government is over and abortion is intrinsically evil and because I have supported both to hurting this nation, I am resigning from office in disgrace.

  9. Deacon Bill says:

    Dear Will E,

    “Saving Grace” with Tom Conti is such a great little movie! I recommend to everyone, especially anyone interested in ministry in the church.

    God bless,
    Deacon Bill

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