A fine romance

The clever cats at Improv Everywhere decided to stage an unexpected romantic date in Central Park — complete with champagne and a classical quartet — for two people who were, in a word, whelmed.

Can you feel the love?

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  1. naturgesetz says:

    That’s wonderful.

  2. That was awesome!
    I have a feeling that this couple is going to wake up a week from now and think, “Ok, so what WAS that?”

  3. Brandon says:

    Very weird. If anyone ever did this to me and my wife I’d scowl at them until they left. Seriously, the whole flash mob/improv-on-the-streets schtick is wearing pretty thin…not everyone is just going to be so happy to be interrupted by their nonsense. I like that this is one couple that didn’t fawn over the performers like it was the most profound and magical thing ever!

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