“A reporter’s job is such a joy!”

That’s Mike Wallace, getting the last word (as he should) in this superbly produced piece from yesterday’s “Face the Nation.”  Kudos to editor Warren Lustig and Morley Safer for capturing the man so perfectly.

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  1. john primm says:

    Deacon Greg, amidst all this hagiography let us remember this interview from 1985. If Mike ever reconsidered his words, I did not hear it. As a trained broadcaster and journalist (albeit never a working reporter) this was one of those times where I was deeply disapointed by the ‘big guys’ in network news…

    Just like I lost all respect for Uncle Walter with his Tet comments–which loss was corrobrated years later by his peers I came to know and respect who were in Vietnam at that time–I never again thought of Wallace as a figure of respect.

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