Bill Cosby: “Nuns mean business when they come riding into town”

The comedian and his wife recently made a big donation to a Catholic community center in Baltimore, which was named in their honor.  And Bill Cosby had some hilarious things to say about God, money and nuns.  Read more here. But check out the video below.

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  1. That is hilarious! I grew up on Bill Cosby. I had never heard of the Oblate Sisters before, and am glad to know about them.

  2. justamouse says:

    That was awesome.

  3. Cosby makes me smile. Such a great delivery, and I love his style of humor.

  4. Bill attended a Catholic school before enlisting in the Navy. I have heard several comic routines of his about the Catholic Church, in which he and Camille were married and raised their children in.

    The Oblate Sisters are an order of sisters founded with the chrism of teaching the Negro/African-American children. These women faced both racism in the Church, and the Jim Crow laws enacted in the South. They faced down the KKK with little more than prayers.

  5. I forgot that it was Camille Cosby who attend schools where the Oblate Sisters taught when she was growing up, Bill did not attend a Catholic school but did start attending Catholic Mass when he was in the Navy.

  6. How did you know that?


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