For all you college students out there…

Good luck.  You’re in my prayers.


  1. Deacon Norb says:

    A funny story about finals week.

    “In ancient of days,” I taught Technical Writing. To pass the exam successfully, the students had to critique ten copied samples of actual printed documents used in business and industry. As a result, the final-exams themselves tended to be fairly thick.

    One final exam day, I arrived in class exactly on time wearing my “funeral suit.” First, I placed the eight-inch stack of exams on the desk, then I addressed the class in a very somber tone: “The Good Books says: ‘Yea, there will be a wailing and a gnashing of teeth — for many are called but few are chosen.’” I then went on to pass out the exam papers silently — as if at a funeral.

    In the back of the room were two guys who were close friends: One was a “burned out druggie,” the other a “Jesus Freak.” (How they ever became close friends was a mystery to everyone else in that class.)

    The “burned-out druggie” jabbed his “Jesus Freak” friend in the ribs and asked out-loud: “What did he say ?” The “Jesus Freak” replied “It’s going to be a bitch!”

    The whole class broke out in hysterical laughter. . . AND it broke a lot of tension. I laughed so hard, I almost hyperventilated.

  2. Barbara P says:

    On behalf of my college student I thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Please keep your prayers going for the next few weeks! This generation has many pressures and burdens. They need all our prayers.

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