For Mother’s Day: a miracle named Christian

Words can’t do justice to this beautiful, heartbreaking, inspiring video that’s now sweeping the Internet. People ask the mother all the time why she didn’t abort the baby.  Here’s her answer.

Take seven minutes and watch.  Kleenex required.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. ron chandonia says:

    What a wonderful Mother’s Day treat! Thanks for this one.

  2. OK, it got me into tears. Enough said. God bless the entire family.

  3. Beautiful story!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Lord, thanks for Christian. Thanks for his mum. Thanks for this amazing video.

  6. O my goodness can’t stop the tears.. What a beautiful child! And what beautiful trusting parents he has!..

  7. James R. Rellihan says:

    Oh mother of Christian I watched your expressions as you held up the cards: sad and hurting then rising into glowing joy…so reflective of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus giving to me and the world a witness of heroic motherhood and the sharing of the fruit of your womb ,Christian, when you turned him around on the screen for us all to see–your beautiful and precious son. What a moving and forgettable Mother’s Day story! I cried out loud for joy when I viewed your video. Thank you!

  8. Yes! Christian is a beautiful child. Christian is a “Jesus Baby” and God has already blessed his Mom for not aborting. I watched the video twice and sent it to the Director of a local Problem Pregnancy Ctr. with whom I have a business relationship. You See! I donate $$$ so they can give strollers to mothers who cannot afford them. These strollers are called: “Cicely’s Strollers” in memory of my late wife. (Cicely Phippen Marks – 1947-2006)

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