Jesuit college invites Satan to speak at commencement


In a move already denounced by Catholic bishops & other leading religious conservatives, St. Sincerus University, the nation’s 84th largest Catholic university, has invited Satan to deliver its commencement speech later this month.

Also known as the Prince of Darkness, Lucifer, &, more popularly, the Devil, Satan is a divisive figure among Catholics & other Christians. Several Catholic universities have upset religious conservatives in recent years by inviting controversial figures to deliver commencement speeches, as when the University of Notre Dame, the nation’s largest Catholic University, invited President Barack Obama, who supports a woman’s right to abortion, in 2009.

The invitation to Satan by SSU president Fr. Thad Despereaux comes at a time when many Catholics are highly critical of the Obama administration’s attempts to reform health care, which some claim would force Catholic institutions to violate their Church’s teachings by providing contraceptives as part of their health insurance plans. Fr. Despereaux, in comments made to the Daily Sham, SSU’s student newspaper, said that having Satan on campus gives bold witness to a central Catholic principle that God can be found in all things.

“The continuing politicization of the faith indicates just how important it is for us to build bridges,” Fr. Despereaux said. “Our whole mission as a university is to bring people together. Satan is badly misunderstood by many people, & we hope to show our graduates that stereotypes, & the hatred they engender, have no place on a Catholic campus. As Catholics we are to hate hate.”

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  1. Joanc57 says:

    Satan is badly misunderstood by many people, & we hope to show our graduates that stereotypes, & the hatred they engender, have no place on a Catholic campus. As Catholics we are to hate hate.–This has got to be the most idiotic thing I’ve read all day. Pathetic, insipid, stupid. I hope they lose all of their endowments.

  2. Deacon V says:

    “Our whole mission as a university is to bring people together. Satan is badly misunderstood by many people, & we hope to show our graduates that stereotypes, & the hatred they engender, have no place on a Catholic campus”.

    wow. I really don’t know where to start here. I wonder if perhaps the good folks at St. Sincerus are in need of a clarification of just what a Catholic University’s mission truly is for starters.

  3. Midwestlady says:

    Old news, we do a variation of this every year. Okay, so they don’t wear red suits and horns, usually.

    Yes, the red suit does make this different and cartoonish, I have to admit.

    NB: I had to google “St. Sincerus University,” because honestly I”ve never heard of it. Nice PR stunt on their part. They’ll probably get a lot of free publicity out of this one. The quality though, ehh. Let me put it this way, Hell Michigan has been trading on the same thing for years, and it’s still pretty much nothing in the whole scheme of things.

  4. You almost had me snookered, Deacon Greg, until I read the president’s name, Fr. Thad Despereaux.

    St. Jude Thaddeus, patron saint of impossible cases, pray for us.

  5. Fiergenholt says:

    Interesting that you found it. I did not. Here is the listing of the Jesuits Institutions of higher education:

    Black humor — no doubt.

  6. Joanc57 says:

    I am super gullible and am missing the gene for knowing when I’m being had. I should’ve clicked on the link to read the rest like I normally do, but I had read enough, I thought, on this blog.

  7. Joanc57, this is a satire on Georgetown inviting Kathleen Sebelius to speak at their commencement. SSU does not exist.

  8. I applaud the president of SSU for making such a courageous choice. No doubt the lobotomized, ultra-conservative contingent of the Catholic Church will by upset by this brave move. But we must remain strong and support both SSU’s president and the guest speaker. Sing a New Church into being!

  9. Catholic Dad says:

    Jon Lovitz (pictured) delivered one of the funniest impersonations of Satan I have ever seen. Were he to deliver a commencement address, in costume, now THAT would be something worth seeing.

  10. Lea Black says:

    Let’s face it Evil will never open itself up to confrontation, Satan is a coward who slinks behind shadows doing destructive things. He avoids light for fear of being seen for what he is!

  11. friscoeddie says:

    Trads don’t get satire. It’s above their pay grade.

  12. As they say, haters gotta hate.

  13. pagansister says:

    Great satire! I enjoyed reading the whole article—liking the name of Sophia Greengrass, from the Wiccan Institute! :o)

  14. naturgesetz says:

    Raises the question, “What is a Jesuit college or university?” Being run by the Society of Jesus isn’t necessary. My Alma Mater, Georgetown, was given away some time ago to a non-Jesuit Board of Directors; and other “Jesuit colleges and universities” may well have met a similar fate.

  15. Satan is misunderstood and Catholics hate hate? — so it is thereby implied that even Satan should be loved and welcomed. It’s quite foolish. It’s a unique approach, I’ll give them that, but it’s poor choice considering that they’re better off inviting Jesus.

  16. Mark, I’m pretty sure Joanc57′s comment was a satire as well…

  17. The campus book store indicated that Satan will be available immediately after commencement to sign copies of his hot bestseller, The Book of Lies, More Lies, and Even Worse Lies (winner of the Dungeon and Flame Award for 2011). All proceeds will be donated to a terrible and evil cause, or the local food pantry, depending on what sort of mood Satan wakes up in the day of his address.

  18. Defender says:

    Believe it or not, Spirit Daily has this featured as a news story link today (9 May 2012), with the headline “Bizarre Catholic college ‘invite’ to Satan”. Methinks they think it is real.

    [Double face/palm! :-D DGK]

  19. Peregrinus says:

    Sabellius = Satan.

  20. Peregrinus says:

    “Back to the Ghetto!!!!”

  21. Irish Spectre says:

    …but you have to admit that if this WERE for real, SSU WOULD be Jesuit!!

  22. Defender: We totally do the double face/palm thing with my kids (10 and6)
    Steve: Love it!!
    Irish Specter: Dead on!

  23. Satan is creeping into every walk of Catholic life through his agents. They may be priests or nuns or bishops or influential laity.

    These agents bend rules or discover loopholes to accomodate their master’s agenda.

    Ordinary catholic like me, please use the wisdom gained from Bible and teachings of church to defeat the enemies of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

  24. TomKumar says:

    Bad bad bad! You got me!
    After 30 minutes of searching for the school, the newspaper, the president. . . I finally read your comments. It does challenge every Catholic school, from grade school to University: Are you authentically Catholic? Sad-to-say, many are not, and present a watered-down version.

  25. Peregrinus says:

    Not every catholic institution is called to preach to choir or be in the center of Catholicism. Jesuit universities are called to be on the margins, one foot in the church, the other in the secular culture. You don’t convert people who speak Chinese by speaking to them in Basque.

  26. Irish Spectre says:

    “Jesuit universities are called to be on the margins…”

    Don’t tell me; your day job title is Minister of Propaganda!! Right??!!

    As a graduate of the largest Jesuit university in the land, I can assure you that, with the exception of a small, remnant pocket here and there (e.g., Peter Kreeft), BC institutionally is far more interested in currying the favor of the popular culture than in advancing the Gospel. At one talk that I attended, Dr. Kreeft remarked that “BC” stands for “Barely Catholic.” He was being very generous.

  27. LoneThinker says:

    It was satire at its best. Sad some cannot understand that brand of humour and fell for the spoof. Knowing some Latin and the well-known saints helps as well as having radar for humour. When will the swing back to the centre come to the Church and Civil communities. We went from an extremely rigid structure to Loosey Goosey and still leaning so far Left in the loose-from-the moorings small ships of the main Barque of Peter, the Church, which is still floating and battered as usual. As well as in the Gatekeepers of the Humanist-atheist State, not just in the USA but globally. Now Islam’s extremists are in the ascendant, swinging so far Right

  28. IntoTheWest says:

    I’m still scratching my head over the folks who googled St. Sincerus and STILL thought it was real. What on earth did they find? Anyway, even for the tragically dense, a click through to the original source should’ve been the final clue.

  29. I wonder what religious institution Fr. Thad Despereaux belongs to? Oh yes, it’s that other “catholic” institution instituted by man, defiant of Holy Mother Church and her teachings, and disobedient to the Pope. For sure we know who the spiritual leader of this college is, and it’s not the one in Heaven.

    Well, at least the Lord promised the weeds would be plucked in the end.

    God have mercy on us and free us from such blind sheperds who lead so many souls into hell.

  30. Of course we “get” satire. We’ve seen enough Novus Ordo masses to make us experts!

  31. Peregrinus says:

    The Jesuits got flack when they were founded because they pushed so much pagan culture; Cicero, Aristotle, etc. Jesuits are supposed to engaged with the popular culture, seeking God in all things. They are just being true to their charism, which includes ministering to those who can’t can’t stand any greater introduction to the Gospel than a “barely catholic” introduction to it.

    Don’t forget Tacelli.

  32. My son was told by a priest at a teen gathering a few years back “Let’s all pray for Lucifer, so he’ll convert” (!!!!!!)

  33. Mark Trail says:

    Speaking the unthinkable is politically correct speech.
    Speaking against the unspeakable is a thought crime.
    Loving your neighbor’s sin is to hate your neighbor.
    Hating your neighbor’s sin is to love your neighbor.
    PC version:
    Love your neighbor’s sin, encourage it, and pay for it.
    The world is turned upside down.

  34. badum-ching!

  35. Zing!

  36. Patricia Walsh says:

    Except Satan usually comes as a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

  37. katymalone says:

    Hope so — I’m pretty conservative and I thought the post was a hoot!

  38. katymalone says:

    Sounds like Nancy Pelosi twisting the teachings of Holy Mother Church to make her crazy definition of nondiscrimination into a Gift of the Holy Spirit.

  39. …I love it, a contemporary Uncle Screwtape and Wormwood perhaps! this could turn out to be another Classic you know, good job Deacon!


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