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From a friend’s Facebook page: one little girl rode to her First Communion in this.


  1. IntoTheWest says:

    My Big Fat Gypsy Communion…?

  2. naturgesetz says:

    Well, better for First Communion than for a wedding. As important as Matrimony is, it doesn’t outrank the Sacraments of Initiation. So it looks as if they have their priorities straight (as long as they don’t have the same for the wedding).

  3. I thought it was for an ordination.

  4. No, you haven’t. My wife is the DRE at the wealthiest parish in our diocese and early in her tenure she got a phone call asking about how long Mass was going to be and about how long it would take to travel from the church to the most exclusive country club in our area(rumored to cost $10K to join with monthly dues of around$1000K or more). My wife was floored because the club does not and never has had African-American members( an African-American plant manager who was supposed to get a membership as a perk of his job was not offered a membership). Not suprisingly, other staff members, including the pastor were invited to the reception, but not my wife. She’s never forgotten that and neither have I.

  5. How does one say “tacky” in Latin?

  6. Deacon Bill says:

    Oh, dear brother Greg,

    NEVER say such a thing! Wait until tomorrow!

    God bless,

  7. David J. White says:

    There’s probably no real equivalent; but judging from Catullus 12, ineptum, sordidum, and invenustum might all work.

  8. pagansister says:

    So, if this if for First Communion, what happens for other significant events? 2 limos?

  9. Bill Logan says:

    I’d be curious to know if the dresses the girls in your parish wear for First Communion have become much more upscale. The extravagance of First Communion has become an issue in Ireland recently, especially with the government set to reduce the stipend it gives to families for this. The BBC Radio 4 religious news program “Sunday” had a report on this that included interviews with girls at a high-end dress shop (the report begins about 15 minutes in; the news story is also available on iTunes). I was surprised to hear how extravagant some could be! The one intriguing suggestion I heard is that instead of dress wars, perhaps the first communicants should wear gowns rented each year like students wear for graduations.

  10. Catherine says:

    My daughter made her First Communion last year, and we were all given a talk by the head of religious education for the parish on appropriate dress, and not making the Communion day a festival of materialism. Specifically, we were told that the little girls should not wear backless dresses or high heels and nylons (these are second graders we are talking about). The issue of stretch limos came up as well. People are amazing.

  11. Notgiven says:


    Our parish rents the gowns. The kids wear their fancy dresses and suits underneath. At least, for the First Communion itself, the playing field is level for all. It works!

  12. The Godfather Part II opens in 1958, with Michael Corleone’s son, Anthony’s first communion and an extravagant banquet held in his honor near Lake Tahoe.

  13. I don’t think it’s appropriate. One should show humility toward communion.

  14. and what has the memory of the forgotten invitation gotten you ? Its just as welll, it save you a gift obligation and eating some rubbery chicken.

  15. I lived across the street from the Church when I was in Grammar school (OLA 73rd off 4th) no need for a limo. The funny thing was when my sister was marrired, the Limo with my sister an her new husband went around the block to get to the house before the reception.

  16. Tacky, Tacky, Tacky.

    I saw a little girl at our parish’s first Holy Communion earlier this month who looked like she was in a miniature version of a bridal gown.

  17. To be fair, my geat hope is that the kid who was driven to her (assuming a she by the color pink) First Holy Communion was so in love with finally being able to receive the Eucharist, that in her 2nd grade limited mind, getting to the church in a pink limo was a great act of reverence.

    However, I doubt that’s the case. I also suspect this was in California, as I have witnessed first hand the “Debutante Wars.” It’s a funny thing: The Catholics have First Holy Communion, and Quinceanara too in Mexico (really big deal, 15 year old girls even get their own Thanksgiving Mass; like a mini wedding). And the Jews of course, have Bat and Bar Mitzvahs. What do the secularists get? Nada!

    Not fair says the competative moms of young girls. I have even known of cases where secular parents tried to become “Jewish” so they could give their kid a Mitzvah.

    But even between the Mexicans and American California Girls, there is some jealousy as well, as the Mexican girls get both the First Holy Communion and Quinceanara. FYI, I have never seen, outside of Mexico, the Quinceanara Mass celebrated in the US other than Southern CA, but that doens’t mean they aren’t happeing other places throughout the country.

    Bottom line, this has become, especially for girls, a really big deal, and sadly, quite materalistic in nature; yet another example of the misuse of God and Holy Things. Many parents rent reception rooms, professional photographers, and spend thousands of dollars, just like a wedding.

  18. Joe,
    The invitation wasn’t “forgotten”. It’s clear that the country club has a an “unspoken” but clear policy of no African-American’s except as the “help”. Despite the fact that my wife is fairly light skinned she was once ordered out of country club pool as a little girl where an unsuspecting friend has taken her as a guest, when the life guard leanred that she was African-American. While traveling with her father as a little girl in Tennessee, he was pulled over and jailed for the “attempted” kidnapping of a “white child”. It took his brother, a lawyer, flying in from St Louis, to clear it all up. Or how about the classmate in her expensive, toney , Catholic high school, who said”why don’t you people go back to Africa?”.
    OR how about when we went to Mass my families ancestral church(my great-great grandparents where founding members) in the southern part of our state the weekend we got engaged in June 2001? After Mass, we were quietly confronted by a couple of parishioners who wanted to know WHAT we were “trying to pull”? We when we told them, they were stunned especially to learn that she was a Catholic. They still followed us to our car. The incident I posted earlier took place just a few years ago. THAT’S WHY we still remember it. I’m sorry, but I can’t just forget the memories and neither can she. We attend one of the few intergrated parishes in our city where there are a number of families of color and biracial couples who are welcomed and celebrated.
    There HAVe been some very bright spots. One, the distant elderly cousins we were staying with when we got engaged, apologized profusely AND made clear to my wife that they welcomed her into the family, ESPEICALLY when they learned that she was Catholic. The others have been the staff she works with who have been nothing but supportive. In fact, when they learned about her non-invitation, they let the family know in no uncertain terms how wrong they were. Yes, we rejoice at the support we’ve gotten, but we remain wary and given what’s happened to us, NO we can’t forget.

  19. Notgiven says:

    There are plenty of Quinceaneras happening all over the country. It’s not at all the unusual event that it used to be.

  20. I guess I’m alone in thinking it’s pretty cute. First Communion IS a huge event. And if that’s how the family chooses to spend their money to commemorate it, it’s their business. I think it’s cute.

  21. In my opinion, the problem is that the party and the limos and dresses and cakes end up being the focus of the day rather than the Sacrament and receiving the Body and Blood of Christ. Just type “First Communion Party” into Google. Then look at some of what you find.

  22. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    I think this falls under the category of what Esquire Magazine calls “wretched excess.”

  23. Fiergenholt says:

    We have a fair number of them here in the Midwest due to the high number of Tex-Mex migrant farm families that settle out. The nice thing is that our diocese also has about a dozen bi-lingual/bi-cultural deacons and often their wives act as liturgical consultants for the Quinceaneras.

    It also is not uncommon for a few of the attendants to be “Anglo.”

  24. This was the exact focus of my doctoral project; consumerism and First Holy Communion. I should have sub-titled it “It’s all about the dress and the party.” They had to ban limos at one parish I know of and dresses costing over $500 are not uncommon in many others. The thing is, these innocent children come to First Communion all full of joy, but not in the fact that they are about to receive Our Lord. We don’t see them again maybe until the next Religious Ed mass in the Fall or maybe only when they come to receive Confirmation a few years down the road.

  25. I’m going to go out on a limb here since I sell high end communion dresses. First Communion isn’t just about the dress but parents sometimes focus on the outer aspects. I try to remind them that it involves both inner and outer aspects.

  26. Jeff Gendron says:

    I wonder of this if this spoiled little girl will remember this many years down the road if she became a single parent struggling to make ends meet like some of her classmates who attend Church regularly each Sunday in their regular cars. Just a thought.

  27. Wait, the government of Ireland gives families money for First Communions?

  28. IntoTheWest says:

    Party bus! ;~)

    You know, I have no problem with this. If everything else was appropriate, how is it anyone’s business? If the family feels this is a momentous occasion and thinks it’s worth celebrating to the max, good for them. No issues there. Especially if the celebration included an open bar.

    Different strokes for different folks. Every culture celebrates differently. ~shrug~ No big deal.

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