Alec Baldwin’s big fat Catholic wedding

For those keeping track of these things, the New York Post (my paper of record) had these details the other day:

Baldwin, 54, and fiancée Hilaria Thomas (left), 28, will be married at the historic St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Nolita, [Little Italy] but they didn’t mail out invitations.

“They just told us to be available, nothing else,” said a Baldwin pal.

In order to have the Catholic wedding, they had to complete a marriage course called a Pre-Cana, which is custom-tailored by the Archdiocese of New York.

The easily aggravated Baldwin clearly didn’t punch out the priest during the couple’s private lessons — which outlined everything from the meaning of life to their sexuality to managing their millions.

And, in a strange twist, it will be Alec’s first marriage in the eyes of the church.

The archdiocese doesn’t recognize his 1993 wedding to actress Kim Basinger because it was held on an East Hampton beach and not in a church.

That means Baldwin’s daughter, Ireland, 16 — whom he famously called a “pig” in a 2007 voicemail — would be considered illegitimate.

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Canon lawyers might want to share their thoughts on that last line.  Is that accurate?

UPDATE: And I have my answer, from a reader on FB.  I suspected as much:

That last line isn’t true. Canon law doesn’t deal with legitimacy – that’s a civil matter and if they were married lawfully civilly then she would be legitimate.

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