Photographer sends out family Christmas card—and he plays every member of the family

I guess someone at the Wall Street Journal got one:

Like many of us, Gary He, 28, struggled to choose just one representative portrait of himself for his holiday card. So he used 14.

He, a Brooklyn-based photographer, always puts a lot of thought, effort and money into his holiday card. Last year, he riffed on “Where’s Waldo?” by flying to Seattle and taking tons of photos of himself and a friend dressed as Santa on a mountainside.

He has long wanted to create a card that channels a traditional family group shot. “But I just didn’t have a vision of it,” he says.

Then he took note of a Holiday 2011 ad campaign from Tommy Hilfiger which includes a photograph of a family gathering: nearly 20 people and a dog, nearly everyone dressed in Tommy-plaid.  The label also debuted a video showing the “family,” called “Holiday Par-tay.” (A spokesperson for Tommy Hilfiger could not be reached for comment.)

“I thought, ‘This is the perfect image to emulate for my family card,’” He says. A big fan of “The Nutty Professor,” He decided he would play every family member in the card – He as He; He as the grandpa leaning on the cane; He as the blond hottie-hipster lounging beneath braids; etc. etc. etc.

Read more about how it was done here. 

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