New Website Offers Updates on Thomas Peters

I knew this was in the works, and my blog neighbor Lisa Hendey got the scoop:

You can now follow Thomas Peters’ recovery at a new website that just launched this afternoon.

First entry:

The halo has been installed but we are in one of the waiting rooms waiting to be allowed to go back in.  The surgeon came out and said it went well and he was pleased.  We will be establishing a new mode of communication since Thomas cannot nod or shake his head now due to the halo.

They will be evaluating strength of diaphragm next, to determine if the chest can lift up the vest needed to attach the halo, and also whether he is strong enough to be able to breathe without assistance.  Physical therapy will start tonight, because they want to get him up as soon as possible.

(Ps. Also! he moved his foot!)

There’s fresh detail at the site about his injuries, including a timeline of the accident and treatment so far.  There’s also FAQs and information about how you can support him with your prayers.  Check back often and keep the prayers going!

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