Pope’s Christmas message to Curia: don’t be mediocre

From CNN: 

Pope Francis put the ideals of professionalism, service and holiness to the fore Saturday in his first Christmas message to the Curia, the Roman Catholic Church’s governing body.

The Roman Curia, which includes Vatican staff, priests and cardinals, gathered in the ornate Clementine Hall. The pope praised those who have worked in the Vatican for “many years with immense dedication, hidden from the eyes of the world.”

The church needs “people who work with competence, precision and self sacrifice in the fulfillment of their daily duties,” he said.

Without professionalism, Francis warned, “there is a slow drift downwards towards mediocrity” and “dossiers become full of trite and lifeless information” that fail to inspire.

Without an attitude of service to bishops and churches worldwide, he said, “the structure of the Curia turns into a ponderous, bureaucratic customs house, constantly inspecting and questioning, hindering the working of the Holy Spirit and the growth of God’s people.”

Holiness encompasses an openness to God, prayer, deep humility and fraternal charity in relationships with fellow workers, Francis said.

“It also means apostleship, discreet and faithful pastoral service, zealously carried out in direct contact with God’s people. For priests, this is indispensable,” he said.

He also urged the Curia to avoid indulging in gossip, saying: “Gossip is harmful to people, our work and our surroundings.”

Francis has already taken a number of steps to try to reform the Vatican’s administration in the nine months since he was elected to the papacy.

CNN’s Vatican reporter John Allen, also a senior correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter, said Saturday’s speech was brief but set out some core principles.

“He said very clearly he wants a Vatican that is focused on service, rather than power,” Allen said.

Read the full text of the message.

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