Shocker: romantic “Happy Anniversary, baby” video salutes Roe v. Wade

Is this the most offensive ad ever?  Maybe.  It’s certainly the most outrageous concept for promoting abortion that I’ve ever seen. Which, maybe, is the point: to get attention and raise eyebrows and spark as much controversy as possible. Mission accomplished.    From the casually alluring Let’s-Get-It-On vibe to the watery repetition of the word [Read More...]

“Grant that we may be one flock and one shepherd!”

During this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, I stumbled on Pope Benedict’s homily from his inauguration as pontiff.  It seems a good moment to reflect on a subject that was very much on his mind eight years ago: Both the image of the shepherd and that of the fisherman issue an explicit call to [Read More...]

Buffalo to get a married priest—UPDATED

And, like most, he’s a former Episcopalian:  A married father of three will be ordained a priest in the Catholic Church by Buffalo’s Bishop on Saturday, January 26. Deacon John Cornelius, 64, grew up in Bolivar and attended Allegany College and SUNY Fredonia before enlisting in the U.S. Navy. He received a masters of Divinity [Read More...]

“Woman, you are a gift!”

That’s how Pat Gohn begins her sensationally good reflection, published online at today’s Washington Post: There’s no mistaking biology. Womanly bodies are wonderfully made, and purposefully created with an empty space of a womb carried under her heart. A woman’s womb, her uterus, signals that she is made for something and someone more than herself. [Read More...]

Lutherans becoming Catholic? “Unthinkable”

Looks like the idea of a Lutheran Ordinariate isn’t going very far. From Reuters:  Two leading Lutheran clerics have rejected suggestions from the Vatican that it could create a subdivision for converted Lutherans similar to its structures for Anglicans who join the Roman Catholic Church. The dispute, concerning tiny numbers of believers but major issues [Read More...]

In the E-mail: “The priest had his finger up his nose…”

A reader writes: Holy hands are not always CLEAN hands. As I have observed men in rest rooms, 3 or 4 out of 10 wash their hands and women about the same, says my wife. Why don’t all who handle the Eucharist wash hands just before handling the host? Is it that they— including the priest— have no [Read More...]

Bombshell: Los Angeles church records reveal efforts to conceal abuse

People knew this was coming, and here it is, from the Los Angeles Times:  Fifteen years before the clergy sex abuse scandal came to light, Archbishop Roger M. Mahony and a top advisor discussed ways to conceal the molestation of children from law enforcement, according to internal Catholic church records released Monday. The archdiocese’s failure to purge [Read More...]

The benediction for the inauguration

Elizabeth Tenety at the Washington Post notes:  The Rev. Luis Leon gave the benediction at President Obama’s inauguration Monday, praying that “with your blessing, we can see each other created in your image, a unit of God’s grace, unprecedented, irrepeatable (sic) and irreplaceable.” Leon also included a reference to ‘gay or straight’ Americans as created in God’s image, [Read More...]

Blanco’s poem: a whiff of Whitman at the inauguration

I detected a little of Walt Whitman in Richard Blanco’s poem this afternoon.   He hears America singing:  Hear: squeaky playground swings, trains whistling, or whispers across cafe tables, Hear: the doors we open for each other all day, saying: hello, shalom, buon giorno, howdy, namaste, or buenos días in the language my mother taught me [Read More...]

So, Max, how was your first Latin Mass?

My blog neighbor Max Lindenman decided to see what all the fuss was about, and took in his first Mass in the Extraordinary Form. He writes:  A Mass in the Extraordinary Form does not have to be cold, bombastic, or decked in glitz like Liberace’s bathroom. It’s always seemed to me that trads like to plug [Read More...]