Amazing: Japanese firm offers parents 3D model of fetus

Details: Expectant parents in Japan who can’t wait to show the world what their baby will look like can now buy a three-dimensional model of the foetus to pass around their friends. The nine-centimetre resin model of the white foetus, encased in a transparent block in the shape of the mother’s body, is fashioned by [Read More...]

Canadian Catholic schools approve HPV vaccinations

The bishops are opposed, and the move has not been without controversy. From the Calgary Herald:  Trustees with the city’s Catholic school board have overturned a four-year-old ban on offering the HPV vaccine in its schools, a move greeted by doctors and victims of the disease who have fought the prohibition. The decision was made [Read More...]

This will save you a TON

Or close to it. Behold, what is reputedly the heaviest item that Amazon will ship for free (or, at least, with a $79 membership in Amazon Prime). Details: “It’s really an amazing deal,” says Amazon spokeswoman Pia Arthur, even if the heaviest items sometimes have to be handled by “specialty shippers” instead of UPS or [Read More...]

10 reasons why men shouldn’t be ordained

I have to admit: this made me laugh.  It comes from Bosco Peters, an Anglican priest and blogger (and Friend of the Bench) in New Zealand.  He says he doesn’t know where the list originated.  (My favorite is #7.) Enjoy. 10. A man’s place is in the army. 9. The pastoral duties of men who [Read More...]

The first classic Christmas carol of the decade

Featuring CeeLo Green and …the Muppets! It includes a fun remix of the classic “Mah Na Mah Na,” plus a little jingly jive from CeeLo.  Brace yourself for an earworm. [Read more...]

Survey: one year on, most Americans have accepted new missal

The world did not end, and people actually seem to be just fine with it.  Details: American Catholics have widely accepted the changes in the Roman Catholic Mass to reflect a closer translation of the Latin that was introduced last year, even if these revisions may signal greater centralization in the church, according to a [Read More...]

Kidnapped aid worker says Catholic faith helped him survive

From the Catholic Herald:  A Catholic aid worker who was kidnapped for three months in Sudan has told The Catholic Herald that his faith kept him going and that he refused to convert to Islam. Patrick Noonan, a 48-year-old former soldier from Bradford, was kidnapped by anti-government rebels in South Darfur on March 6 and [Read More...]

No “Christmas” tree in Rhode Island—again

Here we go again:  Rhode Island will go ahead with plans to hold a “holiday tree” lighting ceremony in the state capital despite controversy last year over Governor Lincoln Chafee’s decision to avoid using the word “Christmas” in reference the tree. The announcement on Tuesday that the state would hold a tree-lighting ceremony in Providence [Read More...]

“What am I called to do?” leads one man to being a deacon

A local paper in Mercer Island, Washington looks at one man’s journey to the diaconate: On Oct. 27, Islander and former Starbucks employee, Frank DiGirolamo, recited vows and allegiance to the faith of the Roman Catholic Church beneath the splendor of the soaring Italian Renaissance ceilings of the 105-year-old St. James Cathedral in Seattle. Amid [Read More...]

Ka-ching: Vatican seeking funds from tourists for restoration project

From the Associated Press:  Not even the Vatican is immune from the economic crisis. For the first time, the Vatican is seeking funds directly from pilgrims, collectors and tourists to pay for the ambitious restoration of the 17th century Bernini colonnade surrounding St. Peter’s Square. The Vatican’s Philatelic and Numismatic Office, which sells commemorative coins [Read More...]