On “Les Miserables”: “This is me honoring that this pain lives in the world…”

My blog neighbor Tony Rossi has a terrific posting up today about the new movie of “Les Miserables,” and some fascinating quotes from the stars about the show’s message and meaning, particularly for today: For her role as Fantine, the young mother forced to work as a prostitute in order to earn money to support [Read More...]

See this and smile: some kind words on a public street

In a culture too willing to snipe, backstab, gossip, bitch, whine, snark and kvetch, it’s nice to hear a good word every now and then or get a  reassuring pat on the back.  The charming experiment below fits the bill. They set up a booth on a street corner and invited people to give and [Read More...]

AUDIO: “Love Cannot Be Silenced”

Sunday, I posted the story of the nun who has composed a kind of anthem in support of sisters.  Turns out, there is a recording of it available via YouTube, complete with a slideshow. Here it is: [Read more...]

Vatican introduces new security measures

It’s sounding more and more like what is happening in corporate America: Vatican clergy and employees will be issued with an identity card complete with a microchip-tracking device in sweeping new security measures designed to prevent a repeat of the Vatileaks scandal. Much tighter controls have already been introduced for anyone seeking access or photocopies [Read More...]

The zinging nun: sister writes anthem against Vatican rebuke—UPDATED

Instead of spotlighting a group like, say, these sisters, (who just knocked “50 Shades of Gray” off the top of the Billboard classical chart), the New York Times has decided to go in another direction in writing about Catholic music this holiday season. The result is below. Details: When Kathy Sherman was in college during [Read More...]

Why every deacon needs to read the pope’s latest letter

It is all about diakonia. As Rocco described it: Released by surprise at Roman Noon this Saturday, the following is the Vatican’s official English translation of a motu proprio letter of Benedict XVI on the Catholic identity and ecclesial oversight of the church’s charitable efforts. Initially published in Latin by the Holy See, the text is [Read More...]

West Point chapel hosts first same-sex wedding —UPDATED

Another sign of the times, from Associated Press: Cadet Chapel, the landmark Gothic church that is a center for spiritual life at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, hosted its first same-sex wedding Saturday. Penelope Gnesin and Brenda Sue Fulton, a West Point graduate, exchanged vows in the regal church in an afternoon ceremony, [Read More...]

Send in the clowns: pope greets circus performers

From AFP: Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday held a private audience for several thousand circus artists, urging them to continue offering “healthy entertainment” despite difficulties posed by the craft. “Thanks to the variety of your professions and the originality of your shows, you know how to surprise, elicit wonder and offer opportunities… for healthy entertainment,” [Read More...]

Homily for December 2, 2012: 1st Sunday of Advent

[Click here for readings.] If you wanted to sum up the meaning of Advent, this beautiful and haunting season of waiting, you could do it with just one question: What are you waiting for? Most people, I suspect, would say, very simply, we’re waiting for Christmas, the birth of Jesus. But the gospel this Sunday [Read More...]

How about a series on deacon wives?

This should be interesting:  Think The Real Housewives of Atlanta – the men, the fashion, the drama. Now, just add church.  Premiering on Jan. 1, TLC‘s The Sisterhood takes viewers behind the pews and into the lives of some of Atlanta’s “first ladies,” as preacher’s wives are often known in the evangelical community. The view from inside their world, their [Read More...]