VIDEO: Seminarians rock on!

This may be the ultimate boy band: a group of seminarians from Joliet, Illinois performing at a vocations event earlier this year. This is New Evangelization like you probably haven’t seen it before.  Enjoy. [Read more...]

World’s oldest active teacher is a Jesuit

Details:  Guinness World Records has honored a Jesuit with the record of world’s oldest active teacher. Jesuit Father Geoffrey Schneider, hailing from Sydney, Australia, turns 100 in December. But you wouldn’t know it from looking at him. “When I ask the students to guess my age, they usually say 70,” says Fr. Schneider, who teaches [Read More...]

Oy: the growing popularity of “Jews for Tebow”

They’re kvelling.  They even have t-shirts (like the one above). Details: Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has had an ardent following since college, but in one particular case, he has quite a “tribe” behind him. Meet the self-named, self-proclaimed chosen ones for the Jets backup quarterback, the “Jews for Tebow.” The group, started last November after [Read More...]

A future pope?

I’m thinking: yes.  I’m liking this fellow.  A lot. Catholic News Service has details of the young cardinal-designate: The youngest of six cardinals announced Oct. 24 is widely lauded for his theological gifts and his humility. Cardinal-designate Luis Tagle, 55, of Manila, Philippines, “really takes care of people … he’s so simple and generous and [Read More...]

“Preachers should be aware of what their people are watching on television…”

Details, from CNS via the Catholic Review:  “My dad used to say, ‘I know what happened 2,000 years ago. I need to know how to live my life today.’” These words, from Archbishop Robert J. Carlson of St. Louis, get to the heart of a new proposed document on preaching to be considered by the [Read More...]

“Jesus” among popular passwords in 2012

Not sure what to make of that.  But it does indicate, I suppose, that “Jesus” is The Way—or at least, the way to get your e-mail. Details:  Time to check your password. Password management company SplashData has analyzed millions of passwords released online by hackers to compile its list of the most used passwords of [Read More...]

Apple: the 21st century religion?

If you caught any of the big launch event yesterday for the new Apple products—including the long-anticipated iPad Mini—you might have felt like you were in church.  That may not be a coincidence. Details from the Christian Science Monitor:  We asked Kirsten Bell, an anthropologist at the University of British Columbia in Canada, to look [Read More...]

Pope Benedict names new cardinals

From Associated Press: Pope Benedict XVI has named six new cardinals, adding prelates from Lebanon, the Philippines, Nigeria, Colombia, India and the United States to the ranks of cardinals who will elect his successor. Benedict made the surprise announcement during his weekly general audience Wednesday and said they would be elevated at a consistory Nov. [Read More...]

Did you know the European Union’s flag is a tribute to the Blessed Mother?

I sure didn’t. Days after the EU won the Nobel Peace Prize, this “rest of the story” anecdote has emerged: Mario Mauro, leader of the Italian People of Freedom Party (PDL), one of the parties that form part of the the European People’s Party (EPP), stressed that the EU flag has twelve golden stars that [Read More...]

Now it can be told: how they created those realistic raptors in “Jurassic Park”

From Stan Winston comes this fascinating glimpse at how they made those dinosaurs so realistic. It’s not as technically sophisticated as you might think: ultimately, it was mostly a guy in a rubber suit. Check it out, though. It’s surprising, and fascinating. [Read more...]