“A reporter’s job is such a joy!”

That’s Mike Wallace, getting the last word (as he should) in this superbly produced piece from yesterday’s “Face the Nation.”  Kudos to editor Warren Lustig and Morley Safer for capturing the man so perfectly. [Read more...]

Everybody needs a hobby: check out the world’s largest Rube Goldberg machine

Behold, the world record has been broken for the most complicated Rube Goldberg contraption. It uses 300 steps to inflate and pop a balloon. “What a piece of work is man,” wrote Shakespeare (though I think he had something else in mind.) Just watch.  And wonder. [Read more...]

Happy birthday, Joe

Catholic neighbors send warm wishes to a beloved Jewish institution in the Bronx: This Bronx parking-lot valet started driving when Model Ts were kings of the road. Joe Binder turned 102 yesterday, celebrating 25 years as the booth attendant at Mario’s Restaurant on Arthur Avenue — a job he landed when gas cost 89 cents [Read More...]

True, so true

In remembrance of Mike Wallace, this inspired 1981 New Yorker cartoon by Charles Barsotti says it all. [Read more...]

A priest writes: “Why I refuse to bless children at communion” — UPDATED

This doesn’t happen a lot at my parish, but it’s prompted a couple of priests (including Fr. Z) to weigh in against the practice. Here’s Father Cory Sticha on the topic: I’ve been thinking more and more about my concerns around giving special blessings to children at Mass. There are a number of people here [Read More...]

Welcome back: the return of the “reverts”

It’s happening more and more, and not just among Catholics.  From USA TODAY: Bruce Boling will celebrate Easter Sunday this weekend among Southern Baptists, just as he did when he prayed at a tiny Kentucky church where his family filled half the pews. After decades away from faith, “I slowly began to see what I [Read More...]

“This is the night…”

My parish, Saturday night.  Easter Vigil.  Photos by Niranjan Fernando. [Read more...]

Find the joy: a dying priest’s message to the world

An extraordinary story of life, death, and hope for this Easter, from the Des Moines Register: Everett Hemann is a Catholic priest. He has prayed over death beds, consoled grieving families, given hundreds of funeral eulogies. He has preached about everlasting life. After the doctor told him tumors filled his abdomen, Hemann took the pathology [Read More...]

What can you do to get wax off your vestments?

Most deacons know all too well that  the Easter candle is “fed by melting wax, drawn out by mother bees…” The “melting wax” part can be a problem. Over on Facebook, someone asked what you can do after Easter, when your alb is slathered in wax. Here’s a handy tip I learned when I was [Read More...]

Worth a thousand words: deacon at work

Top picture, from the Easter Vigil: blessing the water with the Paschal Candle. Bottom picture, from Easter morning:  putting that water to use, assisting the priest with the sprinkling after renewal of baptismal promises.   Photos: by Rosalind Chan [Read more...]