Catholic actor Kevin James: “You don’t want to do anything that doesn’t glorify God”

Who knew? From CNS: He doesn’t exactly advertise it, but the “king of Queens” is a Catholic family man. Kevin James, who played Doug Heffernan for nine seasons on the CBS sitcom and has since branched out into movies, has no problem talking about his values and how it affects his career. “I am involved [Read More...]

At the synod: news media cover the Church in a way that is “full of lies”

Details from Catholic News Service:   The Catholic Church needs to use its media and social networks to spread the faith because much of the news media cover the church in a way that “is full of lies,” Hungarian Cardinal Peter Erdo of Esztergom-Budapest told the Synod of Bishops. Across Europe, there is “a spreading [Read More...]

Romney says he won’t pursue abortion legislation

Good to know. This, from the Wall Street Journal: Mitt Romney continued his shift to the center Tuesday, saying he wouldn’t pursue any abortion legislation if he wins the presidency. “There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda,” Mr. Romney told The Des Moines Register’s [Read More...]

“No religious affiliation” for one in five Americans

From Catholic News Service: People who say they are unaffiliated with any religion constitute nearly 20 percent of the American public, making them almost as numerous as Catholics, who accounted for 22 percent of participants in a new Pew Research Center study released Oct. 9. The survey of 2,973 adults conducted this summer found people [Read More...]

Is there room for Christians in the Middle East?

My colleague at CNEWA, Michael J.L. La Civita looked at that question in a speech this weekend: Is there a future for Christians — indeed for any minority — in this new Middle East? What role will religion play, especially Islam, in governing these peoples? And, is Islam compatible with the so-called democratic aspirations expressed [Read More...]

“Defender of the Faiths”?

An interesting detail from this report by Religion News Service, on one of the titles bestowed on the royal monarch: At her coronation in 1953, Elizabeth swore to “uphold the laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel, maintain the Protestant reformed religion established by law and reserve the settlement of the Church [Read More...]

“Please write”: a correspondence 40 years in the making

This has all the makings of a Hallmark channel movie-of-the-week.  From the Los Angeles Times: It was the summer of ’72 when 13-year-old Tim Taylor reached the summit in the Sierra Nevada outback. Inspired, he wrote a note — “please write” — and tucked it into a metal film canister that he left on the 12,000-foot peak. [Read More...]

Arabic to become part of papal audience

This is huge.  Not too long ago, it would have been unthinkable. From the Vatican news site:  Beginning on Wednesday 10 October, during the Holy Father’s weekly general audience, an Arabic speaker will join the other speakers who provide a summary of the papal catechises in various different languages. In this way, in the wake [Read More...]

Christianity’s newest spokesman? Tom Hanks

It’s happening in Russia.  Details, from the Hollywood Reporter:  Tom Hanks is to appear on posters promoting Orthodox Christianity in Russia and neighboring states alongside prominent local cultural and sports figures. The Russian Orthodox youth movement Soboryane said it is launching a massive poster campaign during a missionary event entitled “My Pravoslavnye” (“We Are Orthodox [Read More...]

Pioneer: first African-American priest to study at North American College dies

What a remarkable life. Details, from the News & Observer in North Carolina: The son of an Episcopalian minister, there were many ways Monsignor Thomas Hadden could have chosen to stand apart from his family, but his father did not protest when 12-year-old Hadden decided to convert to Catholicism. “He was very determined,” said Monsignor [Read More...]