Hospital administrator, lawyer…and deacon

From Gary, Indiana comes this profile of a deacon serving the people of God in so many ways, I have to wonder when the guy sleeps: While Tom Gryzbek may have diverged from his original plan to become a priest, he has found his own ways to serve as a hospital administrator, lawyer and deacon. [Read More...]

When Benedict met Shirley

Cardinal Dolan took his mother to meet the pope yesterday: Capping a whirlwind nine-day trip with a final visit to the Vatican, Timothy Cardinal Dolan introduced his 84-year-old mom to Pope Benedict XVI yesterday — then jokingly asked the pontiff if he could make her “the first lady of the College of Cardinals.” Amid cheers [Read More...]

Meet Mitt Romney’s Catholic connection

He’s a former prosecutor who keeps a statue of Mary on his desk — and he’s trying to woo Catholics and Evangelicals to the Romney cause. Details: The response seemed to defy the rough-and-tumble rules of modern politics. One of the nation’s most prominent opponents of same-sex marriage, Maggie Gallagher, had just told aides to [Read More...]

The myth and the reality of the “Catholic vote”

Author Stephen S. Schneck, from Catholic University, argues that there are actually several different kinds of Catholic voters: While there is not an obvious Catholic vote on the macro scale, there are three discreet “Catholic votes” that really matter in American elections. The first of these is Latino Catholics.  Over the last three decades, Latino [Read More...]

A must-read for this President’s Day

A huge h/t to The Anchoress for bringing this to my attention.  It drives home, with blinding clarity, the fact that the issue of the HHS mandate is not about contraception.  I mentioned that when I preached on this topic some weeks back, and it cannot be said enough.  This goes far beyond pills and [Read More...]

Cardinal Dolan: “I’ll return home a cardinal, but I’m still a sinner”

New York’s new cardinal shared some thoughts on his new title in an exclusive column in this morning’s New York Post (which put the archbishop on its front page yesterday, below). Take it away, Cardinal Dolan: Most people have heard the famous story of Christ washing the feet of his apostles at the Last Supper. [Read More...]

Tailoring the message: how preachers adapt to different audiences

From Abilene, KS comes this intriguing look at how preachers of various denominations — including Catholic — sometimes adjust their sermons, depending on the congregation: For churches with more than one Sunday worship service, the sermon doesn’t change much from one service to the next. While the basic message stays the same, there are subtle [Read More...]

Report: Catholic hospitals across country performing sterilizations

From the Philadelphia Inquirer: U.S. Catholic bishops have vowed to fight the Obama administration’s compromise on insurance coverage for contraception and sterilization, denouncing it as “coercive,” “insulting,” “unconstitutional,” “belligerent,” and “dangerous.” Yet there is evidence the sterilization services the bishops oppose have been provided by many Catholic hospitals across the country, including a few in [Read More...]

How will they convert the Crystal Cathedral?

It’s a question a lot of people are pondering these days, and Terry Mattingly chatted recently with a leading church architect who’s given it some serious attention: ”It would be hard to imagine a more symbolic project than this one,” said Matthew Alderman, a graduate of the University of Notre Dame’s classical design program and [Read More...]

“The Love of Christ urges us on”

During our trip last week, we visited the Basilica Shrine of Mary Queen of the Universe, just outside Disney World, and I noticed this unusual crest hanging in the narthex: The Latin translates as “The Love of Christ urges us on.” And the predominant image just above that is Joseph, Mary and Jesus journeying to [Read More...]