More divorces spell out religious practice in custody agreements

And it can create quite a few complications. From the Washington Post: A cultural shift in thinking about parenting and gender roles has led to a surge in divorced couples agreeing to more detailed shared custody arrangements that increasingly spell out how they will practice and talk about their religious faith. Agreements of the past [Read More...]

Queen Elizabeth’s remarkable Christmas message: “It is in forgiveness that we feel the power of God’s love…”

Check this out.  A message of great hope, and faith, and family: [Read more...]

Grief gives way to joy: the extraordinary tale of how a daughter finally came to know her mother

This is really something: the story of a woman who never got to see her birth mother, until she went to her wake.  From the Buffalo News:   When Jackie Oddo came downstairs on the morning of Dec. 13, she noticed that her husband seemed oddly quiet and still as he read The Buffalo News [Read More...]

Hawaii dedicates church to St. Damien

And just in time for Christmas! Details: For 14 years, the Catholic community on the scarcely populated island of Molokai, has tried to raise enough money to build a church in its main town of Kaunakakai to honor Saint Damien of Molokai. After raising $2 million from bake sales, community fairs and donations, and the [Read More...]

How’s this for a great use of social media by the Church?

A friend in Florida forwarded this to me, and I was instantly impressed. It’s a Christmas greeting from Bishop John Noonan of Orlando, evidently sent to everyone in the diocese who is on their e-mail list.  What a great way to communicate with the flock, using a 21st century tool to help spread the message [Read More...]

“Thanks for listening”: a Christmas homily

A few years ago, I caught an episode of the cable TV show “Inside The Actor’s Studio,” with James Lipton. If you’ve seen it, you know the basic idea: Lipton invites celebrities – famous actors, writers and directors – to talk about their careers and how they do what they do. And he always ends [Read More...]

From my bench to yours…

[Read more...]

A Christmas flash mob featuring…Jesus Christ?

‘Tis the season, so why not? The spirit here — and the unabashed proclamation of faith in the public square — is just wonderful.  Stay with it to the end.  You won’t be disappointed.  (H/T to the Concord Pastor and that merry God Googler, Mike Hayes).   [Read more...]

Havel’s deacons

A reader alerted me to the fact that two deacons served at Vaclav Havel’s funeral Mass this morning. Two things are striking: they seem older, and are probably permanent deacons, not seminarians. And: no dalmatics? For a state funeral? [Read more...]

What the world needs now: a little Hope for Christmas

A reader sent this my way, and it’s just terrific: some of the best moments from Bob Hope’s many Christmas shows that he performed for troops overseas. [Read more...]