Why don't people go to church?

Someone posted this inspired piece below on his Facebook page… One priest got tired of listening to exuses why people skip the Church, and has written this: 18 reasons why I do not wash myself: 1. Because they made me wash myself when I was a kid. 2. Because they didn’t teach me to wash [Read More...]

A modest proposal. But don't hold your breath.

How about greater involvement from lay people in the Church? The editors at America explain: No one should anticipate changes in the existing discipline on celibacy or in the teaching on women’s ordination, but there are other ways to reform church structures to allow women and married men to participate in church governance. One proposal [Read More...]

"We are a very complacent church…"

Indianapolis is about to get a new auxiliary bishop,  and the local paper has a lengthy profile, in which he talks about ways to build up the church — beginning with better preaching: With unpacked boxes piled high in his own office, Bishop-elect Christopher J. Coyne received a pair of visitors last week in the [Read More...]

"My little job was to tell their story…"

The acclaimed film about the Trappist monks murdered in Algeria had a “monastic advisor” on set to give the movie the ring of authenticity. Details, from CNS: “Of Gods and Men,” the Cannes Film Festival grand prize-winning feature now debuting across the country, had a “monastic adviser” on the set to help faithfully depict the [Read More...]

Teen suspended from school for wearing rosary beads

It happened last month in St. Louis, and is still sparking debate: Rodrigo Avila, 16, was punished for wearing rosary beads to school, his family said. He returned to school Feb. 25. His mother said Sunday that his use of the rosary beads was religious. Law enforcement officials nationwide have linked wearing rosary beads to [Read More...]

Dear March, come in!

Can you believe it’s March?  Neither can I.  But Emily Dickinson feels otherwise. Dear March, come in! How glad I am! I looked for you before. Put down your hat— You must have walked— How out of breath you are! Dear March, how are you? And the rest? Did you leave Nature well? Oh, March, [Read More...]

This just makes you feel great to be alive

From now on, I think I may watch this every morning to kick-start my day.  I love it.  [Read more...]

Required reading: this should hit you like a splash of cold water

The wondrously gifted Heather King writes about why she avoids both the Catholic Left, and Catholic Right, and offers this insight (among many): I, for one, am way too busy to get overly exercised about whether to, say, bring back the Latin Mass, though I’m sure I would welcome such a move; or lobbying against [Read More...]

A little news

A few people have wondered about the new job I alluded to in this post. Well briefly: earlier this month I decided to step away from the world of broadcasting, and  NET in Brooklyn, to return to my roots in print. I accepted an offer to become the new Executive Editor of ONE, the acclaimed [Read More...]

Worth a thousand words

Los Angeles gets its new Archbishop — and Jose Gomez officially uses the chair (with his coat of arms on it) for the first time. Check out Rocco for all the details. [Read more...]