How tall is Mary?

A new book claims to have that answer, and some other details, about the apparition in Medjugorje. Details: The Virgin Mary is a blue eyed teenage girl that appears taller than she is because she stands on a cloud. That is according to a new book that has carried out exclusive interviews with the the [Read More...]

On the feast of Christ's baptism, some are choosing "de-baptism"

Sacramentally, such a move is impossible.  But this report indicates some are doing it anyway, as a formal means of excommunication: The child abuse scandals rocking Belgium’s powerful Catholic Church are also shaking the faith of followers, with more and more people asking to be struck off baptism registers — a global movement known as [Read More...]

Worth a thousand words: Gabrielle Giffords' wedding day

From the New York Times, in 2007: Read more here.  There’s also a good overview with lots of links over at The Anchoress. Please pray for all those affected by this horrific crime. [Read more...]

"Our Parent One, who art in heaven…"

Could that be next? Check this out: The words “mother” and “father” will be removed from U.S. passport applications and replaced with gender neutral terminology, the State Department says. “The words in the old form were ‘mother’ and ‘father,’” said Brenda Sprague, deputy assistant Secretary of State for Passport Services. “They are now ‘parent one’ [Read More...]

Deacon builds faith — and furniture

Here’s a nifty profile of a deacon from Utah, courtesy of the Salt Lake Tribune: Before he begins building any piece of furniture — an altar, a pulpit, a desk, a chair — Tom Tosti prays. He asks God to help him do his best work and help him turn the wood into a thing [Read More...]

Meet the future: communion by machine

Worried about hepatitis from a communion wafer?  No problem! From the Wall Street Journal: At St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church in Clark, N.J., parishioners no longer handle the communion wafers that they once transferred from one bowl to another at the start of Mass. Instead, parishioners use a very untraditional looking contraption known as a [Read More...]

Muslims act as human shields for Christians

As Copts mark their Christmas, under threats of attack and fear of further bloodshed, The Anchoress points to this great story of solidarity in Egypt: Egypt’s majority Muslim population stuck to its word Thursday night. What had a been a promise of solidarity to the weary Coptic community, was honoured, when thousands of Muslims showed [Read More...]

Mom with a mission launches her own Catholic publishing company

How many people see a need and actually try to fill it? Meet one woman who is doing just that. From Catholic News Agency: Cheryl Dickhow was teaching English and Religion to Catholic junior high students over the course of several years, she began to notice a problem. Although she was able to provide books [Read More...]

Haiti, one year on

Incredibly, it’s been a year since the earthquake that devastated Haiti. If you are wondering what you can do, Patheos has an answer, and Elizabeth Scalia has the details: The Book Club islooking at and discussing Kent Annan’s After Shock: Searching for Honest Faith When Your World Is Shaken. Jamie Arpin-Ricci writes: Kent Annan, co-director of Haiti [Read More...]

"Dear"-ly departed: a vanishing salutation

Another sign of the times: it turns out that “Dear” is becoming, in popular e-mail correspondence, a four-letter word. From the Wall Street Journal: When Abraham Lincoln wrote to Ulysses S. Grant in July 1863, after a key victory during the Civil War, he began his letter, “My dear General.” When Giselle Barry emailed a [Read More...]