Swansong for St. Martin of Tours, the Bronx

On Friday, the New York Times ran a feature article on St. Martin of Tours, a Bronx elementary school that closed the previous Wednesday after a run of 86 years. In the words of the Times, St. Martin’s had survived “gang fights, racial unrest and crack wars,” and “helped generations of immigrant children become Americans” [Read More...]

The Beard: Blessing and Banner

Of all my colleagues in the Catholic blogosphere, no one makes me look to my own brittle laurels like NC Register‘s Mark Shea and Jimmy Akin. Part of my trepidation where these two are concerned comes from the recognition that both have immersed themselves more deeply in the Catholic faith and its peculiar logic than [Read More...]

Belfast: Troublesome Once More

Yahoo! News reports: Dublin, Ireland – Rioting engulfed the Short Strand district of Belfast, Northern Ireland, Tuesday night, as pro-British loyalists and Irish republican residents of the area clashed for the second consecutive day. Local police said that as many as 400 people participated in the violence and that a news photographer was wounded in [Read More...]