Sic Transit Gloria Basset Hound

Once puberty concludes its mad career, the aging process slows. After building itself up in a frenzy, the body breaks itself down in its own sweet time. For that reason, when preparing to meet an old friend after a long separation, we can predict, more or less, how the person will look. It’s a simple [Read More...]

Splitting the Difference on the Mercy Logo

Yes, the logo for the Year of Mercy is an eyesore — and that’s if you’re smart enough to look away after giving it a quick glance. Woe betide those who look twice: they run the risk of being hypnotized. Jesus‘ limbs seem to be made of rubber. Dainty pinpricks represent the wound he sustained [Read More...]

Unfriending Jack Without Friending Bill

If the AA chapter had been a little more upscale, I might just have gone back. But – surprise, surprise – the one nearest me turned out to be the absolute bottom of the line. All the people who gathered that Sunday morning had cracked skin and spoke in cracked voices and dressed in clothes [Read More...]