The Loopy Fun of Popular Piety

In today’s Patheos column, I write about popular piety, how the forms of devotion that go viral, so to speak, among the people run to the melodramatic, the sensational and the sentimental. It’s easy to wince at this kind of thing, but easier still, sometimes, to wince at the people who are wincing. In his [Read More...]

Riots and the Antisocial Media

Whether reacting to the welfare cuts in Prime Minister David Cameron’s new austerity budget or gripped by simple lust for mayhem, Londeoners have carried their rioting through its third straight night. Parliament’s recess has been cut short; the England-Netherlands football match has been cancelled. Police — of whom 16,000 are now patrolling London’s streets — [Read More...]

The Habit of Bachelorhood

Dusclaimer: I believe I’m going to take the unprecedented step of distancing myself from, and apologizing for, this posting. Blogging isn’t as easy as the best bloggers make it seem. In my case, an entire weekend went by without any sign of news that I felt competent to comment on in any depth. There are [Read More...]