A spirituality of loose ends

In a spirituality of loose ends, maybe we hold things a little more lightly. Read more

The right time and the right place

We can’t wait around for some perfect moment when all the stars align. Read more

Life rooted in place

We need time to be in a place, with a people, the years fermenting into affection and joy. Read more

Resurrection seeing

Resurrection gives us a peek at life as God intended it. Read more

Standing in places of hurt

What the Apostle Paul testifies to in his letters, generations of the faithful have recognized in their own lives: the cross changes things. Read more

It’s sunny and 77 degrees in Kansas.  Taking a walk is an act of praise! Read more

Never lose hope in God’s mercy

In the far country, our capacity to believe in the Father’s mercy is the first thing to go. Read more

Known only to God

Hope means believing what sometimes seems unbelievable, that God is alive in people’s lives. Read more

The Lord is in this place

The doxological life is a placed life. Read more

Walking in the cloud

Faith is not about certainty in the cloud, it’s about walking. Read more

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