Fly catcher rocket

My greatest fear is living a life that doesn’t count for something. (OK, I’m also afraid of bad things happening to my children, Zika virus, and large, hairy spiders–but that’s another story).  I’m afraid of living a life that doesn’t matter, that amounts to a shrug at my funeral.  I’m afraid of  counting for nothing. If you’re anything like me, when you graduated from some place, some time (it doesn’t matter where or when), they told you to go out… Read more

God’s hospitality

We can be happy. God has invited us. Read more

What makes your heart burn?

God’s not interested in making us go-fers. God wants us to become lovers. Read more

Longing for God’s beauty

Spring’s beauty invites us to love and long for God. Read more

Ascended, offered life

Life offered to God does not depend on greatness Read more

Garden, loss, gift

If we aren’t open to loss, we can’t be open to gift. Read more

A spirituality of loose ends

In a spirituality of loose ends, maybe we hold things a little more lightly. Read more

The right time and the right place

We can’t wait around for some perfect moment when all the stars align. Read more

Life rooted in place

We need time to be in a place, with a people, the years fermenting into affection and joy. Read more

Resurrection seeing

Resurrection gives us a peek at life as God intended it. Read more

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