January 10, 2019

Why aren’t folks flooding the big sky Great Plains, old school industrial Midwest, and beer and cheese rich upper Midwest? Read more

January 4, 2019

Your calling is one way that God makes you a gift to the world. Read more

December 13, 2018

Advent is about praying for Jesus the Immanuel to come into our lives--strength, mind, soul, and heart--and work his redemptive healing. Read more

December 7, 2018

Sometimes we need a broad-horizoned place to hunger and thirst and discover that our soul longs for God alone. Read more

November 15, 2018

 In hurrying along our way, we often miss what matters most. Read more

November 9, 2018

Maybe mercy is the key to living well and truly. We’re going to die. But seek and accept God’s mercy.  Show mercy to others. Read more

October 31, 2018

What if we came to understand that while our salvation is not in doubt, the effects of Christ’s grace still have to wend their way through our souls after death? Read more

October 23, 2018

Eugene Peterson wrote: "A contemplative life is not an alternative to the active life, but its root and foundation.” Read more

October 11, 2018

Before something mighty we have to let ourselves feel a little awe.  Even a flooded creek, relentlessly seeking its own level, should inspire awe. Read more

October 2, 2018

Jesus' manna helps me challenge the self-constructed narrative that views the future as a to-do list, one big, brittle necessity rather than a horizon of possibility. Read more

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