WordPress Themes – link for a Comprehensive List

The most used blogging platform is WordPress. In fact I am also using it for my BusinessMusings.com site (am moving it to a new host and it should come up soon). I always thought that it would be great if someone could create a comprehensive list of all the themes for WP. Finally here is a Comprehensive List of the WP themes. Great Resource!!

The theme that I have used for my BusinessMusings site is named Kiwi! I have seen lots of themes on various platforms but this one beats EVERYONE of them hands down!!

Here is an image of the Kiwi-themed site:

I used GIMP to create the banners on every page and inserted them to look really good!!

So, if any of you are contemplating using WP for your site, please do go ahead with it and use any the nice themes that people have created in the list above!

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