Jay Leno’s Mitt Romney Joke on Sikhs Golden Temple “not cool”!

Golden Temple

American Entertainers are funny but many are pretty darn stupid. In this video, on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, Jay Leno – in an attempt to look funny and deride Mitt Romney and his wealth, shows the sacred religious place for Sikhs (and even Hindus) – The Golden Temple – as the home of “rich Mitt Romney”.

Sikhs are not very happy with using their religious place as a plug for mockery in the US Presidential race. And one can understand why. This is not the only time people aren’t sensitive to their culture and way of life. Many Sikhs have been killed because of their beards and turbans – mistaken to be resembling an Islamic terrorist.

It is known that in the US Presidential race almost everything is considered “Fair Game”. But such acts should stop where someone’s reverence starts.

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  • http://justdfacsmaam.wordpress.com MarkNS

    Oh grow up. Just because someone calls their irrational beliefs a “religion” doesn’t mean anybody needs to respect their nonsense.

    • admin

      And why in the world should the same privilege be accorded to you, smart ass? What makes YOU rational? Just because you breathe? Now, understand it very carefully, because I will say it very simply so it works on your small mind – the world has changed. So YOU grow up!!

      • http://justdfacsmaam.wordpress.com MarkNS

        What “privilege” are you talking about? What makes me “rational”? Well, I demand evidence for my beliefs for a start. I don’t base them on unsupported fairy tales. Nor do I claim to know that god exists and what he wants. And, what exactly, do you mean by “the world has changed”. I would agree that it has…ever since the enlightenment more and more religious claims have been shown to be false and, as people become more educated, more and more of them dismiss religious claims out of hand for the idiocy they are. So now, tell me why the Sikh religious claims deserve respect.

        • admin

          “Evidence for my beliefs” – that is all you need to know about the robustness of your inquiry. Your inquiry, if it starts with belief, is doomed. At best you can start with a hypothesis, which can say that I DONT KNOW, but let me find out.

          Have you done that? If you have – explain to me ONE BELIEF about presence of God or absence of it that you have “Proved”. I have NEVER EVER come across anyone who has “Proved” God for others. At best you can tell me stories or your belief or your experience. But that is not “Proof” for ME! Do you get what I am saying? For someone who is brought up on beliefs this could be hard that someone can reject your right to impose belief.

          In the culture where SIkhism was developed and thrived, it has been understood that since beliefs are NOT the Truth – they are stories – it is OK for everyone to have one. As for the worth of Sikhism and its principles.. they are eternal and are being understood by the cutting edge science as well.

          As for “Enlightenment” – From Adam and Eve to the theology of West – nothing can be more fairy talish. So, lets not get into that. Just do one thing.. lay out your HYPOTHESIS with which you started.. and the process you went around to prove or disprove that…. and what you call as proof?