Cyberbullying And Sexual Shaming: Teenage bullying at its worst!

When cyberbullying turns into sexual shaming, with one teen who decided to tell her peers it’s got to stop.

In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter,” the sexually-shamed woman wore her shame with a capital A.  But that three hundred and fifty years ago.  The new scarlet letter is harder to shake.

Digital images, sexual images, taken surreptitiously or otherwise, and posted and shared online.  It’s potent tool of teenage bullying, in particular.  Digital, online, sexual shaming.  A teenage New York high school reporter has brought it vividly, disturbingly, to the public eye.


Temitayo Fagbenle, member of Radio Rookies, a New York Public Radio initiative that helps teens produce radio stories. Her radio report, “Sexual Cyberbullying, The Modern Day Letter A” came out earlier this month.

Danielle Citron, professor of law at the University of Maryland focusing on information privacy and civil rights. Author of the upcoming book, “Hate 3.0: The Rise of Online Harassment and How to Stop It.” (@daniellecitron)


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