Do we think because we exist or we exist because we think?

Am I what I think?  Do I exist because I think?  Or do I think because I exist?  Have we taken the role of thought to ridiculous extremes?

A seeker inquires about the thinking process and if we create what we think. Sadhguru replies that applying too much importance on thought is an unhealthy way to approach life.


Feature Image Credit: Steven Parker

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  • Harbhajan Singh

    I sense therefore I am; I feel therefore I am; I think therefore I am; I intuit/experience therefore I am; I am therefore I am. All in the evolutionary scheme of things of the universe. A bit detail comprising a recent interaction with Shekhar Kapur here: Shekhar Kapur ‏@shekharkapur
    Decoding d philosophy behind my tweets by @BigTamasha :) If I’m in d zone I’m myself not sure where d words come from