What are Siddhis in Yoga and why are they irrelevant in Spirituality?

Siddhis are accomplishments of the body and energies.  These are immature and juvenile acts.  Sadhguru says all those miracles are useful and irrelevant.  Very useful!

  • http://www.facebook.com/shaas.ruzicka Shaas Ruzicka

    The title is misleading! Sidhis are NOT irrelevant. If they were, Patanjali would have not spend 1 of 4 chapters of his Yoga Sutra to describing them.
    I like more Isha’s description: Sidhis are useful and irrelevant.
    Those who are on he Yoga path know, and Sidhis are very useful on the paht to enlightenment, and irrelevant after one reached the goal.
    One of the advanced programmes of Transcendental Meditation of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is Sidhi programme. It enhances the progress of evolution of consciousness, and stabilizes the pure consciousness in daily living.

    Sidhis are not miracles. They are the results of Laws of Nature, but subtler Laws of Nature than we know in superficial living.

    • admin

      Shaas-ji – again very well put by you.. the only point where I want to bring out is that Siddhis per se are not the focus or even the domain of a Spiritual Seeker. They come anyway, but to even use them for something is not what a seeker who is truly on Spiritual track should obsess about. The issue is that in today’s world – Siddhis are equated with Spiritual attainment, which is extremely harmful notion.

      • Shaas Ruz

        That’s right: Siddhis are certainly not the Goal, not the “spiritual attainment”. But very useful to practice FOR spiritual attainment.
        I hear sometimes from Yoga teachers, “one has to give up the Sidhis”. Well, one can give up something only AFTER one obtained it. If one does not have them, one cannot give them up.