What is the pain of losing a child?

It is said that of all the experiences in life, the loss of a child is the worst pain that can be inflicted on anyone.

There is a very interesting story of a Realized man.  He got married to a wonder lady and was extremely happy with life.  He was enjoying his life with his wife tremendously, and they had a son.  Seeing such a lovely kid, he was totally besotted by him.  He would play with him day and night and love him beyond anything.  When the son was 5 he died in a sudden accident.  His wife was inconsolable, and the world was shocked.  They would come for condolence and see this person smiling and happy.  So people asked him – “Aren’t you sad about the passing away of your son?”.  He would tell them – well, when he wasn’t in my life, I was very happy.  When he came he brought a lot of happiness with him too.  I gave all that I could to him in his life.  And he gave me all the love that he could give me in my life.  I feel there wasn’t anything more I or he could do for each other.  Now, he is gone out of my life I am still as happy as I was before he came into my life.

Life is like that.  Here is one of most touching experiences shared on a Social Media site.  Please read and reflect.
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  • Maurizio

    This is the dumbest story I have ever read. Not even worth to waste my time explaining why.