Sheila Dikshit shocked How Delhi unsafe for women…really?! …. after 15 years of ruling Delhi??!!

Sheila Dikshit is aghast at the situation in Delhi in terms of safety of women.  What I found interesting and also sad was that it took an incident in the high-end Lajpat Nagar to wake her up.

“Women don’t feel safe in Delhi. Fears have risen. I’m shocked to learn about the Lajpat Nagar attempted rape case. It’s a big setback for us,” she said referring to the rape bid on a 19-year-old woman Tuesday.

Such incidents – actually worse than this – happen throughout the city and specially in the lower middle and poor.  But even after a 15 years of being at the helm of the Government in Delhi, she didn’t have enough time to work on the women safety?  It is not as if that rapes have suddenly cropped up all over Delhi!  Delhi has been known as the “Rape Capital” for a long time.  It is only now that rape as a crime has “come up the ladder” of our consciousness.

Is that why it has become bad?  Heck no!  If Jyoti had not died the way she died, and the outrage wasn’t there, the incident in Lajpat Nagar would not have troubled Ms. Dikshit even now!

Governance cannot be useful when it is “Governance-by-Outrage”.  Such outrageous issues should be the daily concerns of the Political leaders of the city.  Rapes are stopped when laws are implemented and executed every day.  They aren’t stopped by a one time action or policy.


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