Why do Aghoris smoke Marijuana and eat Human Meat?

Many people have strange ideas about things that they don’t know anything about.  Specifically those which are outside their definition of “normal”.  But beyond the physicality, life does not manifest as we would like it to from our sanitized perspectives.  Aghoris are a contradiction for many.  They are Spiritual.  They eat human bodies found unidentified.  Smoke marijuana.  And live naked.


Here is an interesting answer.
Read Quote of Ganesh M Raturi’s answer to Hinduism: Why do Aghoris consume marijuana in some holy shrines? How is it linked with Spirituality? on Quora


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  • C.Sugumar

    Ahoris are misguided elements and are drop outs -signs of degeneration. Ahoris culture should end- it is my wish. Ahoris represents decayed sanniyasa Ashram. All Hindus must regenerate themselves taking Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa,Swami Vivekananda and Sri Sarada Devi as role models. It is good for individual, town ,nation and world.