Miss World 1966 Reita Faria of India entertains US Troops in Vietnam along with Bob Hope (video)

There are beauty pageants galore around the world today.  There are Miss Such and Such Country…. then there is a Miss World, Miss Universe etc.  India has had a fair share of many Beauty Queens, winners of such contests.  But in many cases, one finds that these are women with a lot of verve, beauty and energy – but often plastic smiles and less than smart intelligence.  I don’t want to belittle good looking women – of course this one, a Miss USA contestant, doesn’t help their cause much either – but smart and strong intelligent women aren’t the rule on the ramps.

But there was one Beauty Queen in 1966.  Her name was Reita Faria.  A Miss India who won the Miss World contest.  Here she is in a video with Bob Hope entertaining US troops in Vietnam.  Bob Hope was a smart guy.. witty and funny.  At the end of the video, one feels that he met his match in this beautiful lady.  Bummer she never thought of making a career in TV and Media.. she could have been one of the best TV anchors in her time.


[Update: the video is no longer available on YouTube.]


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