“No Place on Earth”: How a bunch of Jews lived in a Cave for 511 days to escape Holocaust

npoe_teaser“No Place on Earth” is the incredible story of a small group of Jews who literally went underground, into caves, to escape the horrors of the Holocaust. It happened in 1942 in the Ukraine. The story began to come out only much later when a cave explorer fro new York City happened upon the scene. And now it’s told in a documentary that mixes the first-person accounts of survivors with re-enactments of events from the past.

For 511 days, they hid underground in Ukrainian caves while fellow Jews were being executed by machine gun up above.  The odds that they would survive the Holocaust were slight, for they were dependent entirely upon themselves for finding scarce food outside the caves — and eluding Germans and Ukrainians who would shoot them on sight.

Here is a discussion with the Director of the Documentary film and with one of the survivors.

Here is a trailer of the movie:




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