Bus with elderly burn in Rita evacuation near dallas

heard abt the bus carrying elderly? It had 43 elderly.. and 14-15 came out….the rest burned to death.. FEMA had a few moments ago sent in some new oxygen cylinders.. seems like they exploded! and almost 24 folks died! Read more

latest update 1 pm – katy

winds have started picking up…. we have taped the windows … and filled as much water as we possibly can.. food is aplenty… specially the ready made for kids and us. its gonna happen tonight.. lets see… The weather, btw, right now , looks beautiful! The storm is most probably headed east so its good news for us but bad news for the Louisianans! Read more

massive flooding predicted – east texas

AccuWeather.com Meteorologists are predicting dangerous hurricane Rita to make a devastating landfall between Galveston and Port Arthur early Saturday morning. Rita will move into eastern Texas and stall causing massive flooding Sunday into Monday. Despite the dry spell across eastern Texas, the 10-30 inches of rain predicted by AccuWeather.com Meteorologists over a two-day period will cause rapid rises in streams and rivers to the point of flash flooding. Read more

Rita Satellite picture

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Not Evacuating!!

Its Thursday Night and we have decided to stay put in Katy! We will ride the storm out. The decision was taken based on two things: – Storm changed course to move eastwards! The reason is that the High pressure area over Houston had started moving eastwards earlier than expected… and the storm is basically moving around the periphery of this High Pressure area. So instead of Galveston .. the storm eye will be in Beaumont! That means that the storm will be more towards a little east side of Houston. We are in Katy – the west most suburb of Houston… so the chances are that Rita will be felt here as a tropical storm! In fact according to one estimate the speeds will be around 40 mph… bearable. These houses are built to withstand winds upto 115 mph. Read more

Rita Traffic Jams in Houston: my pics

I was coming back from the airport – f;ying in from Boston – the lines at the airport of people going out was tooo much! So there were huge delays in flight going out. The traffic in some areas was bad also … have tried to catch it early! Traffic pictures I took this morning: Westpark toll way Traffic jam: Near our area (1464) Read more

Traffic congestions on I-45

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Latest picture from the Computer weather

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Rita's Latest Projected Path

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Mayor: Being on highway is a 'death trap'

News Source: abc13.com News Highlight: Many drivers have been on the road for several hours and have not yet made it out of our viewing area. Some vehicles are running out of gas. Other vehicles are breaking down as the bottlenecks get bigger. There are efforts to get fuel to the drivers, but there’s no guarantee. And that could have devastating effects. “The reason that we’ve been evacuating early as a community and taking extra precautions is that if the hurricane comes in at a particular angle at a particular location, being on the highway is a death trap,” warned Houston Mayor Bill White. The mayor, along with County Judge Robert Eckels and Janelle Gbur with TxDOT will address the media again tonight at 7pm. URL of the news item: http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=hurricanes&id=3467937 Read more