Upgrading to Drupal 4.7

Guys I am having this site upgraded to Drupal 4.7. So many things will look different for a day or so.. please bear with us! … [Read more...]

Indian IT Execs dont buy Expensive Cars!

India's IT Execs cannot .. err.. dont buy expensive cars even though they can afford it! Why? Because the top icons like Narayana Murthy and Azeem Premji go around in Toyota Corollas!! Heck.. Premji even uses an auto-rickshaw or a bus at times. This is a strange problem to have! They would buy expensive homes and toys etc.. but no .. not cars!! Technorati : Infosys, Wipro … [Read more...]

Infosys Technologies: India's Most Admired, Best Known Global Brand!!

A company that started so small in a field already led by TCS, has redefined the Indian market! The name is now a world brand name - specially after the publishing of "The World is Flat" of Tom Friedman. It began in 1981, in a town in western India. Seven young middle-class friends from the western town of Pune, most of them co-workers at a small software company, quit their jobs to chase a dream: to build a global software company in a country with few computer-users and a socialist-style … [Read more...]

Mel Gibson and Hate Triangle!

Mel Gibson is in a PR soup. Seeing the religious landscape as a layman it doesnt seem how messed up it might be. But reading this report about Mel Gibson.. it seems pretty clear that there are enough Christian Fundamentalist around. Btw, what a strange situation - the Muslims hate the Jews and Christians; the Christians hate Muslims and Jews; and the Jews hate the Muslims and (maybe) Christians!! So everyone is against everyone! What a joke! The entertainment Web site TMZ posted what it said … [Read more...]

Cosmic blob biggest thing in universe

I am not sure what is the significance of the event.... but it seems interesting.. So I am chronicling it on my blog!An enormous amoeba-like structure 200 million light-years wide and made up of galaxies and large bubbles of gas is the largest known object in the universe, scientists say. The galaxies and gas bubbles, called Lyman alpha blobs, are aligned along three curvy filaments that formed about 2 billion years after the universe exploded into existence after the theoretical Big … [Read more...]

Iran and Venezuela: An Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend!

This is a strange duo - Iran and Venezuela.  The main reason for their friendship ostensibly is - an enemy of my enemy is my friend!  In some ways such alliances where China, Iran, Venezuela, Nigeria seem to be working together are in some ways fueled by Bush's policies... where he has created a chasm between the world and the US!! Iran has awarded Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez its highest state medal for supporting Tehran in its nuclear standoff, while the fiery leader urged the … [Read more...]


.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; } .flickr-yourcomment { } .flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; } .flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; }Fireworks I, originally uploaded by sharply_done.Enjoy this picture for the weekend! … [Read more...]

IBM DeveloperWorks chooses Drupal as its Platform!

Drupal is my CMS of choice. IBM's has chosen Drupal as its blogging platform and here is a piece to explain why? The post here does a very good comparison! What do you think?Figure 3 shows a comparison of how the candidates met our requirements. It was obvious that we needed something more than the blog engines could provide. Figure 3. Rating the candidates based on requirements Mambo was very appealing from the ease of install and the UI, but the development track at the time was fractured … [Read more...]