IBM DeveloperWorks chooses Drupal as its Platform!

Drupal is my CMS of choice. IBM's has chosen Drupal as its blogging platform and here is a piece to explain why? The post here does a very good comparison! What do you think?Figure 3 shows a comparison of how the candidates met our requirements. It was obvious that we needed something more than the blog engines could provide. Figure 3. Rating the candidates based on requirements Mambo was very appealing from the ease of install and the UI, but the development track at the time was fractured … [Read more...]

Some Ad Options that Actually Pay for your Blog!

Guys Try this option to earn money with your blog from Text Link Ads.   It is worth it.   I tried (look at the left sidebar at the top - very unobtrusive ads yet paying) and I have started making some chump change good enough to pay for my blog's hosting! Yeah yeah.. it peanuts.. but man, something is better than nothing!!Seriously, try it! Just click on the banner above and register your blog to be considered by the TLA folks to place ads on your site. They generally … [Read more...]

Countries I have visited in my life!

Here are the countries I have visited over my life. There are lots that I havent - as you can obviously see :-) - and hopefully I will be able to get to them! I really want to do a trans-european and trans-asia (Turkey to Singapore) by road someday!create your own visited countries map or vertaling Duits Nederlands Have fun!! Technorati : Travel … [Read more...]

Woman Sues Her Mom-in-law in UK and Recovers Damages!

Way to go!  The lady sues her Mom-in-law and recovers damages for treating her badly for four years while she lived in the house!  This case will serve as a beginning for all the women who are brought from Punjab (although Gina wasnt one) and mistreated in a bad marriage!  In a landmark judgement, a British court has ordered a Non Resident Indian woman to pay $65,000 (about Rs 29.25 lakhs) as compensation to her daughter-in-law for subjecting her to bullying and humiliation. … [Read more...]

Why is Infosys buying so much land in India??

Infosys seems to be on a land buying spree - which has led our "social activists" who get bored doing nothing to come out and start questioning their land buying - calling it "land grabbing"!  Infosys, it seems already has 4000 acres of land across the country... and now it buy be going for a huge parcels in future. How many acres of land does Infosys own?The company declined to reveal the figure, saying it is "in the silent period before the quarter results."But rough estimates -- … [Read more...]

How Mahindra & Mahindra kicks the backside of Deere & Co. in Southern US!

So you thought nothing of the good old Mahindra & Mahindra. right? Well, it seems like M&M may be able to kick the back side of Deere & Co. - the most venerable name in tractors in the US!! Here is one such case from Businessweek's latest article:But rather than buy an American-made John Deere or New Holland, brands he grew up with, Lucenberg chose a shiny red Mahindra 5500 made by India's Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. "I have been around equipment all my life," says Lucenberg, who … [Read more...]

Top 10 Stocks for next 10 years

Here are top 10 stocks that you can keep buying for next 10 years from Morningstar's Pat Dorsey.Amgen (AMGN) Cadbusy Schweppes (CSG) Dell (DELL) Ebay (EBAY) Fastenal (FAST) Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) JP Morgan Chase (JPM) Mastercard (MA) Medtronic (MDT) Sysco (SYY)The real surprise for me - never heard of the company - was Fastenal. Apparently, it rocks! Here is what Pat Dorsey says about it:Moving from the new economy to the old, Fastenal (FAST) makes my top-10 list hands-down. … [Read more...]

Are Muslims at War with the Indian State?

Read these statements - who do you think is saying these? Here this guy is asking why the Muslim leaders and the celebrities did not come out to condemn the Jehadi Islam and also collect moneys for the displaced Kashmiri Hindus? Who is this guy?The biggest one was the recent one -- July 11. I was extremely perturbed because (despite) whatever I had been told by the so-called leaders, those leaders have not come out against these bomb blasts, or the carnage of tourists in Srinagar. They have … [Read more...]