The Great Virtual Land Grab

I see that there really are just two main and serious players in the world of virtual business - Yahoo and Google. Yahoo is a very serious contender although it hasnt gotten all its components to pay off as yet. It will as the time goes - despite the off-color recent results. So in this competition the big virtual land grab is on!One of the hottest interactive battlefields between Yahoo and Google involves a land grab. But rather than the virtual kind of the late '90s, this one involves real … [Read more...]

Future of Desktop Software

With the purchase of Writely by Google a useful question was raised. Are the Microsoft Office apps going to get useless? Well, maybe.. or maybe not! It all depends on how the trends are going to shape up in future. Such questions were asked at a Supernova 2006 conference hosted by Wharton. A lot of things were discussed. Kevin Lynch from Adobe Systems had some interesting views!The current "chasm" between the web experience and the desktop experience is central, added Kevin Lynch, chief … [Read more...]

How Pakistani Government Promotes Terrorism and US State Department looks the Other Way!

It is the same pattern isnt it? The Government and the Indian Prime Minister gets all of a peacenik and just when the Indian PM wears the Peace-Clothes, there is a big terrorist attack in India. And then despite the newly worn peace-clothes, the Indian PM gets to eat his words! And once the new clothes are off - the PM comes back to announce that it was the Pak-based terrorists who were behind it. Of course, the terrorists had the Pak Government backing. Well ISI is part of the Government … [Read more...]

links for 2006-07-22

Ekwipment: A lightweight PHP/MySQL job listing engine. Coming Soon. Ekwipment is a lightweight PHP/MySQL engine for adding job listings to a website. We are still in private Beta at the moment but plan to open the project up to more beta testers in the near future (tags: design job jobs programming) Business Intelligence: The Off-shoring debate has come out with the third Offshoring Guide. It gives interesting comparisons between the various countries which are alternatives … [Read more...]

Insanity of Islam

Mayank in his column "I for Insanity . I for Illness . I for Islam" argues about the insanity and the trouble that is prevalent in Islam. He asks some tough questions and looks for answers:Islam i.e. a No-Tolerance Zone The non-Islamic world sees Islam as a group of followers with no tolerance. They ask why the problem areas of the world chiefly consist of Muslim populated regions. They ask why Muslims could not live in harmony alongside people not following their faith. Why Salman Rushdie had … [Read more...]

The Great Offshoring Debate! has come out with the third Offshoring Guide. It gives interesting comparisons between the various countries which are alternatives for off-shoring of technical and other work from companies in US and other Western countries.It primarily rates the companies on three main criteria: - Geopolitical Risk - Salaries of the Programmers - English Proficiency.and has an Overall Ranking (which includes: Maturity of the Industry, Size of the market, availability and cost of skilled labor, and … [Read more...]

Where will People live by 2025?

How will the world's population distribution change by 2025? Here is an interesting take:This projection, dubbed "Mapping the Future," shows that the greatest increases in population will occur in developing countries. Of course, this projection might be wrong, but this one has been built by watching nine million 'cells' distributed across the globe. And the researchers also have mapped several other evolutions, including maps of countries which will be touched by a lack of water or a growth … [Read more...]

Jesus-approved Killings and Targets

Here it is - the Stem Cell enthusiasts can go for a vacation to South Korea and have a little sight seeing while their Korean counterparts create all kinds of stuff at the cutting edge of the Stem Cell Research. Apparently, Stem Cells cross the "moral boundary" because it "kills" a life for medical benefits. Quite unlike that little kid in Iraq who dies from relentless bombing for national interests. Certain kind of killings are Jesus-approved as are some targets! President Bush today used the … [Read more...]