MySpace Disaster by Google

There are blunders and then there are disasters! Last year Google could have bought MySpace for USD 290 mn but they didnt think much of that site. So they let it go. Here is the story:In the latest (July) issue of Wired magazine, Rupert Murdoch claims that Google…"…could have bought MySpace three months before we did for half the price. They thought, 'It's nothing special. We can do that.'"So that means Google could have acquired MySpace a year ago for about $290 million. Talk about a str … [Read more...]

Free 10 week online course in AJAX

Here is a link for a free 10-week course in AJAX from an employee of SUN Microsystem. It is about to start from August 4th, 2006. This course is for anyone who wants to learn AJAX for the first time or increase their knowledge on AJAX. In this 10-week course, students learn basic concept of AJAX as well as how to use various AJAX frameworks and toolkits. And remember it is online! Enjoy and learn. Technorati : AJAX, Education, Free : AJAX, Education, Free Ice Rocket : … [Read more...]

How a Dress Chance with a Camera on a Bridge Changes the Cops reactions?

Is racial profiling an established phenomenon? Well, a few Australian kids wanted to find that out. And here is a video of their little experiment: What you do think? Technorati : Racial Profiling : Racial Profiling Ice Rocket : Racial Profiling Flickr : Racial Profiling Buzznet : Racial Profiling 43 Things : Racial Profiling … [Read more...]

Ten Most Stupidly named Company sites!!

There are companies or organizations that have a certain name - with multiple words - which when combined into an URL can make it look really funny and at times (as below) downright pornish!! :D All unintentional from everbody's perspective! Read the below and enjoy!!!1. A site called 'Who Represents' where you can find the name of the agent that represents a celebrity. Their domain name... wait for it... iswww.whorepresents.com2. Experts Exchange, a knowledge base where programmers can … [Read more...]

Benefits from Walking

Recently I have started hitting the gym with a certain regularity where I try and run a mile and also do enough of weight exercise. The only thing is how I cannot always keep my tempo while running. Sometimes I chicked out! I personally believe that I feel better when I walk.. and walk for a long time. It serves me two purposes - One (important but not the most enjoyable) its an exercise and Two, (the most enjoyable) it gives me opportunity to think.. and reflect on my self. For me that is the … [Read more...]

Top 10 Ranked Indian News Sites!

Which are the top ranked Indian news sites? Here are some of the main ones according to Alexa ranks! Of the "MNC" Indian News sites are Yahoo and Google Indian sites. Of the "homegrown" ones - the cake goes to Rediff!! Congrats!!The numbers are Alexa ranks.Yahoo India = 1 Google India = 67 = 69 Indiatimes = 258 MSN India = 631 Sulekha = 2288 = 2,839 = 3,757 ExpressIndia = 8,402 = 13,576I just think that most of the "homegrown" … [Read more...]

What has been Taliban and Al Qaeda upto all these years?

Is Al Qaeda and Taliban dead? Are they different and separate? And how is the Jehadi world shaping up? Here is a good article from Asia Times:In that role, he has been superseded by Taliban leader Mullah Omar, according to investigations and interviews conducted by Asia Times Online in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Indeed, in the four years since the attacks on the United States of September 11, 2001, al-Qaeda, after years of financial blockades and arrests, has emerged more as a loose (and … [Read more...]

One who has Nothing!

He who has nothing --in front, behind, in between-- the one with nothing who clings to no thing: he's what I call a brahmin. … [Read more...]