The Great Offshoring Debate! has come out with the third Offshoring Guide. It gives interesting comparisons between the various countries which are alternatives for off-shoring of technical and other work from companies in US and other Western countries.It primarily rates the companies on three main criteria: - Geopolitical Risk - Salaries of the Programmers - English Proficiency.and has an Overall Ranking (which includes: Maturity of the Industry, Size of the market, availability and cost of skilled labor, and … [Read more...]

Where will People live by 2025?

How will the world's population distribution change by 2025? Here is an interesting take:This projection, dubbed "Mapping the Future," shows that the greatest increases in population will occur in developing countries. Of course, this projection might be wrong, but this one has been built by watching nine million 'cells' distributed across the globe. And the researchers also have mapped several other evolutions, including maps of countries which will be touched by a lack of water or a growth … [Read more...]

Jesus-approved Killings and Targets

Here it is - the Stem Cell enthusiasts can go for a vacation to South Korea and have a little sight seeing while their Korean counterparts create all kinds of stuff at the cutting edge of the Stem Cell Research. Apparently, Stem Cells cross the "moral boundary" because it "kills" a life for medical benefits. Quite unlike that little kid in Iraq who dies from relentless bombing for national interests. Certain kind of killings are Jesus-approved as are some targets! President Bush today used the … [Read more...]

Virtual World Experiment to test Telepathy

Another experiment that straddles science and the spirit. Many have happened until now and the results do show that there is some kind of interface that occurs in the entire system that is very intriguing!Scientists at the University of Manchester have created a virtual world to test telepathic ability. Participants in a trial will wear a head-mounted 3D display and an electronic glove to navigate their way through a computer-generated world. The people in the trial are placed in separate … [Read more...]

Blogging Ban in India: The Official Word!!

Just got an email from the yahoo group where a member of SAJA - Sree Sreenivasan - had asked the Indian Consulate about India's ban on blogs. Here is the official word:From: A.R.Ghanashyam <>Subject: Blog Issue in IndiaJuly 19, 2006Dear Sree:Reference our discussions and correspondence on the issue of blocking of blogs blogs in India, we had taken up the matter with the authorities concerned inthe Department of Telecommunications in the Government of … [Read more...]

Rising Tsunami Numbers, Mumbai Blasts and the Selective Policy of Action-Reaction Justification!

I just got this pop up on my screen from the Google dektop news - Tsunami Death Toll Hits 531 - which set me thinking. I have been getting regular updates as the number has risen from somewhere in the hundreds to over 300 yesterday to over 500 now! What is the significance of reporting the ever increaing numbers? Is it being done to catch our attention? That now since this is >500 which means it is itself a fourth of the toll of the last tsunami ... so guys... this is SERIOUS!! It goes … [Read more...]

Is the Slow Down for the economy starting?

Is the slow down in the economy coming?U.S. job seekers are taking longer to land a position as employers cut back on expansion plans because of concerns over the health of the economy, a survey found on Tuesday.The typical job search took 3.6 months in the second quarter, nearly a month longer than in the first three months of the year, outplacement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas reported. Searches also took longer than a year ago, when the typical job hunt lasted 3.1 months. … [Read more...]

The Path to Fight Terrorism has to start by putting Muhammad in Perspective

This is an article by Ayaan Hirsi Ali - who has written "The Caged Virgin". Here the author argues - and I believe with merit - that the dialog for peace between the Islamic world and the "Open Society" of the civilized nations ought to be preceded by a debate - a clear and out-spoken debate about Muhammad - the example of whom every "faithful" Muslim aspires to follow. If he turns out to be less noble - thats an understatement - than what he is made out by the believers.. and if indeed it is … [Read more...]