Trinitarian Spirituality, 15: God from the Inside Out

Last week we left ourselves with a strange God and a God who is a stranger. Bette Midler’s lyrics could have come straight from a 4th-century Arian! God is watching us God is watching us God is watching us From a distance If Arius, Eusebius, Eunomius, and their comrades had had their way, the Son [Read More…]

Trinitarian Spirituality, 14: Putting Jesus on the “Outside” of God

Is the Son “inside” of God or “outside” of God? This seems to be the heart of the question when we think of Arius’ solution, and those that followed his line of thinking. Arius and his ilk read the gospels and saw the Son sent for us, which is true. At what point, though, was [Read More…]