Series Maps

Sometimes I get a little obsessed with stuff. When I get obsessed, I can gnaw on something for a long time. When I gnaw on something for a long time, I write many posts about it. When I write many posts about something, people get lost. When people get lost, they need a map. These are maps.


undefined      READINGS FROM LUDOLPH OF SAXONY, The Life of Jesus Christ

Should We Be Called Jesusians?

Coming to Jesus

Consider Jesus: A Thought Discipline

Sitting in the Darkness

The Sermon on the Mount for the New Year

The Three Gifts and Their Meaning

The Presentation: Long for the Lord’s Coming

The Sermon for the Summer: Beatitudes

From Virtue Signaling to Virtue

The Author of Purity

The Sermon, Hair Color, and Swearing


ENGLISH SPIRITUALITY: The Homely Way (Reflections on Martin Thornton’s English Spirituality)



Become an Olympian, Become an Ascetic

What Do Gridirons, Social Justice, and Faith Have to Do With One Another?

Elven Bread, English Asceticism, and the Homely Factor

The Art of Co-operating with Grace

Jesus as an Anglican?: Articles of Religion, the Three Ways, and Scripture

Augustine in English Spirituality: Kindled by Grace

A Spirit of Tranquility: Benedict


fire-heart-961194_1920LIFE IN THE SPIRIT:

A Personal Search for a 21st-century Filling of the Holy Spirit


Beginning the Conversation

The Overshadowing God

The Igniting God

The Birthing God

The Tending God





Reflections on Retrieving Nicaea: The Development and Meaning of Trinitarian Doctrine, by Khaled Anatolios.


An Introduction

The First Question Must Be Why?

Modern Approach #1

Modern Approach #2

A Third Modern Approach

Mystagogy, Event Horizons, and the Nicene Creed

Two Starting Principles

Before Nicaea

What Makes a Heretic?

Cast of Characters, Better than a Russian Novel

Suspicions and Semantics

Riding the Rapids, or the Stream of Orthodox Christianity

Creation Spirituality, Human Souls, and the Need for Systems

How Close Is Jesus to the Heart of God?

Putting Jesus on the “Outside” of God

God from the Inside Out

On the Incarnation: A New Kind of Christmas Story


Believing in the Right Direction

An Ephesian Interlude

Gregory’s Key to Bible Study

The Trinity Is the Gospel

Christodrama and the Human Journey

A Christ Sighting

A Julian Diversion

Source Code

True Love

The End?

What Difference Does It Make? The Kaleidoscope Effect






Becoming a Neo-Pascalian

An Introduction: From Cones to Gambling

A Personality Quirk?

The Back Story

The Augustinian Problem

Poised Between Two Worlds

(Pascal, Ash Wednesday, and the Hidden God)

An Indiana Jones Kind of Faith


The Third Order

From Gambling Table to Altar

The First Step of Make-Believe Faith

The Second Step Toward a Make-Believe Faith

Diminishing Your Passions, or Increasing Your Hunger

Setting Our Hearts

Praying Like Elijah