The worst articles I’ve read all week

Something’s gotten into me. I didn’t feel like fighting all week long, but today…I’m jumpy. So here are the worst articles I’ve read this week:


Breastfeeding baby doll: creepy or groundbreaking?

Mostly, I can’t believe anyone would take issue with a baby doll that “eats” in the fashion in which babies have taken their nourishment since the beginning of time.

“I just want the kids to be kids,” Bill O’Reilly said on his Fox News show when he learned of the Breast Milk Baby. “And this kind of stuff. We don’t need this.”

Maybe, we don’t need Bill O’Reilly telling little girls how to play.



Why White Women Voted for Romney

This one was so bad, I made a spelling error in my angry comment in its combox.

A few highlights:

“To be sure, these voters weren’t, in the main, the sort of women who write for the Times, or even read it.”

They were all stupid and illiterate, I guess.

“Why did so many white women vote for Romney despite his shift to the right on women’s issues during the G.O.P. primaries? One way to tackle this question is to ask why so many white men voted for him.”

Or, you might consider asking a representative of the demographic in question.

“Without much doubt, attitudes about race—and even outright racism—played a role, although one that is hard to quantify. But it’s far from the only thing. Income is important. On average, white men and women tend to be richer than non-whites, and voting Republican is strongly correlated with income. (In families that made less than a hundred thousand dollars a year, Obama won by eight points. In families that made more than a hundred thousand dollars a year, Romney won by ten points.) Age is another factor. Whites, on average, tend to be older than non-whites, and older people (male and female) tend to vote Republican in greater numbers. Religion is also part of the story. Most white women, like most white men, are churchgoing Christians, a group that is strongly Republican—especially evangelicals, who voted for Romney by almost four to one. Then there is ideology. Just as there are conservative men, there are conservative women.”

Is there really only one choice a woman can make in the voting booth without being accused of racism, classism, fundamentalism, senility, and voting on her husband’s behalf?

We’ve come a long way baby!



And here’s one from the Patheos Pagan portal:

Five Reasons to Vote for Obama

“Pagans are a diverse lot…. But I think there are two qualities central to our beliefs that prevent any honest Pagan from voting for Mitt Romney. First, almost universally we honor the sacred dimensions of the feminine and how those values manifest on the Earth.”

Author then goes on for almost two pages equating women’s empowerment with women’s sterility.

Call me confused.


Closing statement:

Really, keep it up, and I’m buying a “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” t-shirt.

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