The Mom Who Cares

The whole family’s in the car trying to head home from my parents’ after three days of parties. It is late, and we are tired.

One child does not like where he’s sitting in the car. He creates obstacles to our leaving, like he thinks he dropped his airsoft gun in the driveway. He wants to go back and look, but we’re not doing that because we’re already gone. He begins a campaign to call my parents so they can look outside in the dark for his gun.

“Dad, can I use your phone to call Pop?”


“Please, I need my gun!”


“Mom, will you ask Dad if I can use his phone to call Pop?”

My husband interrupts him, “Hey kids, listen up. This is a theology lesson. See how your brother asked Mom for help when he wasn’t getting a response from me? That’s why we ask Mary to intercede for us; because we have confidence that the Mother will pull strings on our behalf with the Father…

… only one difference between your mother and Mary, is that Mary gives a crap.”




Happy Feast Day!

(A day late, and a dollar short, as usual.)

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