The Mom Who Cares

The whole family's in the car trying to head home from my parents' after three days of parties. It is late, and we are tired.One child does not like where he's sitting in the car. He creates obstacles to our leaving, like he thinks he dropped his airsoft gun in the driveway. He wants to go back and look, but we're not doing that because we're already gone. He begins a campaign to call my parents so they can look outside in the dark for his gun."Dad, can I use your phone to call … [Read more...]

Pope Makes Time for Autism, Can We?

When one of our children was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorder shortly after kindergarten at our Parochial School, we were told, "Of course your child is welcome to continue schooling here, but in the interest of full disclosure, he will have better access to services in the public system."Representatives from the public school system seconded the opinion, listing among their offerings full-time staff on sight to help enact a child's individual education program (or IEP), occupational … [Read more...]

Serious Men. Serious Toast.

My husband won a service award at work. Every now and then they pass out these little carrots for being a good company man, so you can go to the website, which resembles a Sharper Image catalog, and pick out some frivolous piece of gadgetry or a small appliance, and maybe conciliate your wife for all the stupid travel you've done lately. And I'll say, nothing makes up for your husband's absence like a Sonic toothbrush.But at this point, the only small appliance of which we had vague need was … [Read more...]

Between fatigue and falling down: Rapture!

One thing my sister won't tell you on her blog is that she is a very good runner, has been for many years, placed top ten in state cross country meets, still holds records at our high school and at Notre Dame U. After six children, she's still swizzle stick thin and a daily runner. In an excellent proof of forming a woman to form civilization, it seems her children might follow in her footsteps, as they've taken to entering these charity runs for leukemia and whatnot as a family, and sweeping … [Read more...]

Somebody’s Got To Do It

OK kids, time to clean the kitchen. You have ten minutes to wipe down the counters, load the dishes and sweep the floor, and then you can watch Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Oldest: I'll put away condiments.Girl: I'll wipe the table.Fourth child: My job is sweeping.Second child: My job is staring death in the face.Everybody: Lucky!  … [Read more...]

Book Recommendation: “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down”

Wow. Good book to read if you're looking for one: "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down" by Anne Fadiman. A child from the Hmong immigrant community in Merced, California presents at the County Hospital with a severe form of epilepsy. Due to cultural differences, failures in translation between the medical community and the child's family, and constant misunderstanding about the roles of medical intervention and traditional Hmong spiritual healing arts, the child's life and health go … [Read more...]

Life Drifts From One Party to the Next

Thanks to Elizabeth Foss's for creating the "Gathering my Thoughts" post, after which I've modeled the following. Outside my window:The weather could not be better really, sunny, 70 degrees, good breeze, cumulus clouds. Last week I almost fell asleep on the porch one night wrapped in a blanket with a book on my lap while my husband walked the kids to the tractor pull at the county fair. Every ten minutes or so I heard the gunning of a tractor motor and it jarred me awake a … [Read more...]