The Summit Lecture Series 24: Is Christ the Only Way Part 4 with Brett Kunkle

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Isn’t it narrow-minded to say that Christianity is the only way?  By insisting that it is, doesn’t this just make you a bigoted, intolerant fundamentalist?

I basically have a few responses to this:

Firstly, I help them understand that their very question is an ad hominum logical fallacy, where they are attacking me instead of my view.  You see, by labeling Christians as bigoted, intolerant or narrow-minded, they are not dealing with Christianity’s claim of being the only path to salvation, but instead attacking the individual’s character.

I used to wait tables with a guy named Maurice.  He and I would often sit and have deep political and philosophical discussions.

One night, we got to the topic of abortion and I laid out my reasons for standing on the side of pro-life.  I remember how mid-conversation, Maurice looked at me, smugly shook his head and condescendingly said, “Oh, Brett, for being so young, you are so narrow-minded.”

So I simply, calmly, replied by pointing out that he hadn’t addressed any of my pro-life evidence or arguments, but instead simply resorted to calling me names and labeling me as narrow-minded.

We were then able to get back to the issue and discuss life and not his assumption about my character.

Now, for some people, that approach may be a little too confrontational.

A second option is this:  Simply ask them, “What do you mean by that?  What do you mean by narrow-minded?  Intolerant?  Bigoted?

Often times, their answer will be something to the effect of, “You think that you are right and everyone else is wrong.  That’s narrow-minded.”

By this very definition, they are as narrow-minded as they accuse you of being.  Once the playing field is evened as two narrow-minded people having an open discussion, you can continue.

You see, the reality is that truth is narrow by definition.

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