The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 63: Hit By A Tree, Ron Pearson & Bone Hampton


From Breitbart:  In Centerville, Iowa, a police officer was struck by a massive oak tree during a routine traffic stop.

Officer Jeremy Veach’s dash cam captured the strange accident on video after he pulled over motorist Candice Duffey for driving without having her headlights on.
Veach was not seriously injured by the tree, but did receive three stitches. Duffey’s SUV took the bulk of the impact.
“I was picking tree bark out of my hair — it was in my ears,” Veach said. “It could have been a lot worse than it was.”
According to Veach, the base of the tree appeared to be rotten, which is likely what caused it to topple over.
Duffey did not receive a ticket after the tree damaged her car.
“That’s the one, true way to get out of a ticket, ya know,” Veach said. “Everyone asks a police officer, ‘How do you get out of a ticket?’ If a tree falls on you, you’re probably going to get off.”

But, maybe the tree should have been apprehended!

As we thought about this story, it spawned the idea of a new device that many people could use to get out of a traffic ticket:  The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Ticket B Gone Car Kit!  It features a superb sound system with Hollywood style sound effects.  Simply attach the practically invisible 3’ x 4’ speaker under your vehicle to play sounds that simulate natural disasters in the event of being pulled over by a law enforcement officer.  From lightening strikes and rolling thunder to bear and hippy attacks, this device will save you thousands!

Then, comedian Ron Pearson joins the show to talk about parenting:

“I mean, how do you get your kids to do things?  Have you tried the number thing?  ‘I said to pick that up right now!  One… Two…’

What is the deal with the number three?  I’ve never had to spank my kids because I’ve never gotten to the number three.  I actually think that I’m more afraid of what will happen when three shows up than they are.  I think that’s why we slow down so much as we arrive at two.

I think it all boils down to our innate respect for deadlines.  Deadlines make us do things.  That’s why the IRS set a deadline for taxes.  Every year, as April hits, the IRS sits there and starts to count:  Thirteen… Fourteen…!!!”

And finally, Bone Hampton calls in to the show to discuss his latest effort:  “Unofficially Famous”.  Bone’s favorite bits are the stuff he did with Rick Warren, LeCrae and other Christian leaders at last year’s Dove Awards.  It’s hosted by Bone’s dear friend, Sherri Shepherd from The View.

You see, all comedians are labeled whether they like it or not, if for no other reason than to offer the audience a reference point of what to expect form the comic’s material.

So, Bone chose to label himself before anyone else could label him; and realized that he approaches his comedy and EVERYTHING ELSE in life from a Christian perspective.  This means honoring God in all that he does and says – even when someone in the audience might be rudely annoying him.  (It’s just a shame that calling down fire in the name of God is frowned upon these days.)

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