Relational Toolshed: Growing Leaders in a New World with Andrew McPeak

Growing Leaders in a New World with Andrew McPeak

This week in the “Shed” is our tool of the week – Andrew McPeak.

Growing Leaders in a New World with Andrew McPeakAndrew is co-author of “Marching OFF The Map”, millennial speaker, and content developer with Growing Leaders. His experiences as both presenter and curriculum designer have led him to become well versed in communicating to and about the next generations.

The Growing Leaders Philosphy on leadership development for students

  • It’s an inside job before it’s an outside job.
  • It’s a process more than an event.
  • It’s a right-brain function before a left-brain function.
  • It’s more about a disposition than a position.
  • It’s more caught than taught.
  • It’s learned through both uploading & downloading.
  • It’s about an experience not just an explanation.
  • It’s more about service before it’s about success.
  • It’s about relationships before it’s about results.


Growing Leaders’ goal is to equip and mobilize one percent of the world’s population under the age of 25 (30 million students) to think and act like authentic, life-giving leaders. We help students discover their purpose, equip them for leadership, and prepare them to use their gifts to serve the world around them.

In this episode Andrew and Tim discuss:

  • What is the vision and purpose of Growing Leaders as an organization?
  • How do you define “millienial”? What makes a millienial unique?
  • What makes working with millennials unique or uniquely challenging?
  • What is a “Habitude?” – how did Habitudes come into being? Why are they so effective?
  • How does all of this play into the new book Marching off the Map?  What is this Brand New World?

Andrew closed this conversation by answering the below questions and giving us some amazing tools…

  1.  What’s a tool we can implement right now/today as parents, teachers. Mentors, or coaches to help us grow healthier and more intimate relationships with the next generation?  (Also, what’s something we should STOP doing, a “tool” we should put down that is driving the younger generations away from us?)
  2.  If I’m a millennial or Gen X/Y listener, what’s a tool I can implement into my life right now that will help me build healthier relationships and prepare myself for life?

This episode is loaded with tools we hope equip you to build stronger relationships. Hope you enjoy!

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