The Jon Morrison Podcast: Jaime Saint, Grandson of Nate Saint, Challenges Us to Hand Our Story Over to the Greatest Storyteller

Jaime Saint, Grandson of Nate Saint Challenges Us to Hand Our Story Over to the Greatest Storyteller

Today you will witness one of the best parts of podcasting – the people you meet!

Jaime Saint, Grandson of Nate SaintI had the chance to chat with Jaime Saint, the son of Steve Saint, the son of the martyr, Nate Saint. Nate was the famous jungle missionary who was spreared on a riverbank in 1956. This story has been told countless times in my life over coffee and in sermons. In this session, I get to hear the story from Nate’s grandson, Jaime. He shares his own side of the story, how he has been impacted by his family’s commitment to reaching the Waodoni people and what he is doing to continue the family legacy.

You will appreciate Jaime’s trust in a faithful and wholly good God. You will be challenged to put your life into the hands of the heavenly Father who is the greatest storyteller. He takes ordinary people and writes an extraordinary story!

More About Jaime

Jaime was born in Willmar, MN and today he works in Florida where he has continued on in the family “business” at I-TEC, a company devoted to resourcing missionary endeavors.

Jaime is well aware of the needs on the frontiers of missions. After high school, Jaime moved with his family to live in the Rainforest with the Waodani people, helping strengthen the churches in Ecuador.

Jaime would later attend the University of Florida, graduating with a marketing degree. Jaime married Jessica and together they have six daughters!

His experience, character and love for missions and the Bible shine through every moment of this interview.

Links We Discussed

I-Tec Homepage

Beyond the Gates of Splendor (Full Movie on YouTube)

End of the Spear (Full Movie on YouTube)

Practical Life Study (resources)

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