To make philosophia my way of life in the academy

Yesterday night, I went home to discover in my mailbox that Dariusz Karłowicz’s new book Socrates and Other Saints: Early Christian Understandings of Reason and Philosophy had arrived. The book had been translated from Polish by my friend Artur Rosman, and the back cover features an endorsement from John Milbank, the theologian whose work convinced me [Read More…]

Receiving Pulpit and Pen’s apology toward the ‘Eastern Orthodox community’

Christ is risen! Dear Mr Hall, Thank you for writing your apology to ‘the Eastern Orthodox community’ as a follow up to Mr Maples’s criticism and subsequent liturgical stalking of Hank Hanegraaf. Having seen that it was an apology, I clicked on it and read it with interest. Seeing the ads on your site, I [Read More…]

We have a new bishop!

Christ is risen! Христос воскрес! 基督復活了! I am so excited. I woke up to news this morning that the eparchy of the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church in which I am located – St Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy – has a new bishop. Both my spiritual father and my Vancouver bishop sent me the same press release about [Read More…]

A response to the hit piece on Hank Hanegraaf’s Greek Orthodox temple

  Christ is risen! Dear Mr Maples, I have read your piece describing your attempt to ‘confront’ Hank Hanegraaf at a Pascha service at his new Greek Orthodox Church in light of you thinking that he has left the Christian faith. I have read some responses to you about this, especially the ones by James [Read More…]

Full communion in the fire of the Spirit: Kyivan, Latin, Anglican, Irish, Pascha

I’ve made no secret that I attended the Easter Vigil at a Latin parish in Chicago instead of going to a Byzantine temple for Pascha. There were many reasons for this, and I also realize that I could have gone to Pascha afterward anyway, but I was far too tired from the conferences from my [Read More…]

Christ is risen from the dead, trampling death by death #Pascha2017

Christ is risen! Христос Воскрес! I have much more to say tomorrow about the Latin service that I attended because my friend was getting chrismated and I was going in support. Far from abandoning my Kyivan church, the service afforded some of us some brilliant conversation afterward over a meaty dinner. The Holy Spirit is at [Read More…]

Arise, O G-d, and judge the earth! #HolySaturday

Holy Saturday is interrupted. During the Holy Saturday Liturgy, the Byzantine churches read passages from the Hebrew Scriptures, culminating in the words of the Holy Apostle Paul: Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? Therefore we have been buried with him by [Read More…]

Into the depths: reflections on a catechumenate relived

Great and Holy Saturday is upon us. The Great Fast has been over for a week. Even Great and Holy Week is almost over. The Lord is in the tomb. It is the time that the world is suspended by the death of God, the hiatus, the pause. I have been reliving my catechumenate over [Read More…]


Today he who hung the earth upon the waters is hung upon the tree. Christ is dead, and we have mourned him. This is the moment of suspension. It is what Balthasar calls the ‘hiatus,’ the pause, the moment where the ‘logic of theology’ is overturned and must be re-evaluated. It is hard for me [Read More…]

The face of the Bridegroom in the Gospels

One of the moments when I knew that I had to become Catholic was when I attended mass on the First Sunday of Advent in 2011. It just so happened to be the first day that the Latin Church had introduced the new mass translation, which tripped up all the faithful at the church I [Read More…]